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Lawn Mower Has Small Removable Blades Permitting Easy Sharpening (May, 1932)

Lawn Mower Has Small Removable Blades Permitting Easy Sharpening

THE old style cutting blade of the lawn mower has gone by the board and manufacturers have come out with a new type of clipper which promises to level off the grass with a greater degree of ease.

Boy Combines Disappearing Hose Reel and Coal Chute (Nov, 1929)

Boy Combines Disappearing Hose Reel and Coal Chute
WHEN Dwight Mills, 10-year-old Dayton, Ohio, boy became weary of lugging the lawn hose down into the basement he suggested to his father that they build a hose reel in the foundation wall.

Latest Auto Luxury—Traveling Boudoir for Campers (Feb, 1932)

Latest Auto Luxury—Traveling Boudoir for Campers

THE height of something or other — luxury in this case—is a portable boudoir for an automobile which was exhibited at an auto show held recently in London. The case contains everything from wash basin to toothbrush holder and is mounted on the stern of a Rolls Royce, as illustrated in the photo at the left. When camping en route, the scheme proves exceedingly convenient.



HERE’S a meal that’s going to keep them exclaiming. A most excellent dinner from —did someone say “from soup to nuts”? Nothing so commonplace, if you please. From Clam-Juice Cocktail to Floating Heart Montmorency is more like it! And in between, delicious Spaghetti Caruso, Lamb Chops Vanderbilt prepared in smartly different fashion, and a Romaine Salad fragrant with luscious fruit. A novelty menu, yet inexpensive and simple.

Inventors’ Brain Children (Oct, 1937)

I don’t think Press-On Nails would have sold as well if they were called “artificial horn”. Of course, if you grew up watching TV in the 80’s then there really is only one brand of nails (video) worth talking about.

Inventors’ Brain Children

Many inventors vied with each other for public favor when they exhibited working or other models at the recent annual convention of the nation’s inventors, held in New York. Some of the most outstanding devices of popular interest are illustrated on the accompanying pages.



To provide comfortable waiting rooms for patrons, and furnish employes with proper quarters, an automobile transport company in the west has built a depot with accommodations that rival those found in modern hotels.

People Who Live in Glass Houses (Sep, 1936)

Did they give this picture to an intern and say “Here, you have five minutes, write something!”? Because a quarter of the “article” is composed of the owner’s name and genealogy and the headline is just the first half of a proverb that has nothing to do with the piece.

Or maybe the Pinkham’s of Swamscott, Mass were notorious hypocrites, and an editor at Mechanics and Handicraft had been spurned by good old Lydia when she married that Gove bastard…

People Who Live in Glass Houses

Homes, with walls mostly of glass, are products of the new trend throughout the United States, and now, Miss Lydia Pinkham Gove, 48-year-old granddaughter of the late Lydia E. Pinkham, is building one in Swampscott, Mass., at a cost estimated between $20,000 and $25,000. (See sketch at the left.)

Airplane Field for Tall City Buildings (Oct, 1937)

This is one of those incredibly bad ideas that everyone seemed to have at the same time. Maybe it had to do with the coincidence of a fad for aviation and one for skyscrapers. Whatever the reason, they never really address the catastrophic consequences of a crash, nor the problems of traffic management.

Airplane Field for Tall City Buildings

New invention is expected to solve the problem of providing aviation facilities for large cities. Platforms are designed to operate on the roofs of large buildings and permit happy landings and easy take-offs.

AN invention of J. Herbert Jones of Brooklyn, N.Y., is expected to revolutionize the problem of airplane landings and take-offs in restricted areas, such as on the tops of large buildings, decks of ships, water fronts along the coast, or small land areas.

A Mobile Home — The Latest Innovation (Oct, 1937)

A Mobile Home — The Latest Innovation

HIS home on wheels, mounted upon a 1-1/2-ton truck chassis, is the newest thing in the motor world.

This type of unit provides ample room within for complete equipment but is much more easily handled and parked than the regular trailers, inasmuch as it is unified.

Latest Conveniences for the Household (Feb, 1934)

Latest Conveniences for the Household

STARTS FURNACE FIRE. This portable gas torch expedites the chore of starting a fire in the furnace. Lighted with a match and thrust beneath the grate, it fires the coal.

MAGNET IN CAN OPENER. The arrowpoints to a steel magnet set in this can opener to attract small metal bits that otherwise might fall into the can.