House and Home


A house in which steel hoops take the place of joists, rafters and studding, has just been completed at Dusseldorf, Germany. According to the architect who originated the odd design, it provides strength and stability at reduced cost by eliminating the need for thick outer walls.

Is “ALMOST CLEAN” clean enough for the baby’s bottles? (Mar, 1930)

Is “ALMOST CLEAN” clean enough for the baby’s bottles?

WHEN you wash the baby’s things, scour the bathtub or wash the dishes, you don’t give them just a careless surface cleaning. Then why should you with your rugs and carpets?

Floor coverings can be clean from top to bottom—will be, if you clean them with a Hoover.

Mobile Home With a Fold-Out Living Room (Jul, 1961)

Mobile Home With a Fold-Out Living Room

Ten feet wide so it can travel on highways, a new mobile home has hinged walls that swing out to form a 14 by 14-foot living room. In addition, it has two bedrooms, a bath, and a kitchen.

The unique design gives the living room a door facing forward in the middle of the trailer and allows more wall space in the room for furniture and more floor space.

The Frontier 200 is legal wherever 10-foot-wides are legal, according to Frontier Homes Corp., 102 S. 32nd Ave., Omaha, Neb.

Houses While You Wait (Jun, 1946)

Houses While You Wait are the product of this giant house-building machine, which erects a two-bedroom concrete home in 24 hours. After the giant machine is wheeled into the desired location, its great box-like mold is lowered into position over a previously constructed framework.

“Backyard” Kitchen, Bath Units Speed Housing Program (Dec, 1942)

“Backyard” Kitchen, Bath Units Speed Housing Program

Packaged rooms designed by a Californian to speed the construction of homes for war workers provide complete kitchen and bathroom units. They contain all the necessary features such as stove, cupboards, bathroom fixtures and hot water heater. Also included are plumbing, wiring, master switch, lead-in wires and circuit outlet box.

NEW for the HOME (Sep, 1954)

I’m having a bit of trouble believing that little fan is responsible for blowing her hair like that…

NEW for the HOME

SLEEPY HEAD inflatable Vinyl pillow is scientifically contoured lor comfortable sleep. By Better Sleep Co.. New Providence, N.J.

PREFAB TILE panels shown at Rutgers University’s Research Center. N. J.. may revolutionise tiling of bathrooms and kitchens.



Hollywood bowl, where thousands of Californians enjoy outdoor entertainments, is one of the largest arenas of this type in the world.

Nine pianos were used at one time in a recent concert, filling the air with entrancing melody. Loud speakers relay the music.

$300 in 30 Days! (Sep, 1915)

“remember, fully 70% of homes have no bathrooms”

$300 in 30 Days!

Made by one Robinson salesman. You—yourself—can positively make $60 and expenses every week. I want men like you. Bustling. energetic, ambitious fellows, anxious to make money, who are willing to work with me. Not for me, but with me. I want you to advertise, sell, and appoint local agents for the most, most sensational seller In 50 years—the ROBINSON FOLDING BATH TUB.

Latest Conveniences for the Household (Jul, 1934)

Latest Conveniences for the Household

DISAPPEARING CORD. The cords for electric devices, below, are wound on spring-loaded reels concealed in the wall. When not in use, the reels wind up the cords and the plugs fit snugly into holder.

AIR WHIPS CREAM Only a few seconds are needed to produce fluffy whipped cream with the utensil seen at left. An electric air compressor in the base forces millions of air bubbles through tiny openings in the stationary bottom of the bowl, as is shown below.

One of These Household Brighteners Is Just What Your Home Needs (Mar, 1922)

One of These Household Brighteners Is Just What Your Home Needs

Nest-building material, such as bits of wool, cotton yarn, and feathers, offered to the birds in a screened box, will induce them to nest near by.

Hard water is unsuited for household purposes and must be softened before it can be used. The filter shown above is connected with the supply pipes.

Fruits or vegetables placed in the conical colander are pressed to pulp by a wooden plunger and forced through the holes of the sieve.