House and Home
New Devices for the Household (Oct, 1934)

Apparently they had cellophane straws in 1934. Yet when my family went to Disney World in the early 80’s they were still using paper straws. I was impressed by them at first: “Cool they make straws out of paper!” then irritated when they got gummed up and stopped working. I remember thinking that Disney must have bought billions of paper straws in the 70’s and were still trying to use them all up even though everyone else had moved on to plastic.

New Devices FOR THE Household

NEW AIR CONDITIONER. No larger than a radiator, the air conditioner shown above, is designed for the home and will be marketed at a price anyone can afford. Chilled water from a small refrigerating unit is used to cool the air. Steam warms it. Diagram, right, explains the system

PACKAGE HANDLE. A number of packages can be carried easily with this handle. Snaps clip to the strings

PORTABLE SHOWER This shower outfit can be attached quickly to any faucet and is held to tile wall by rubber suction cup

HOME CANNER. All the operations of canning are done with the machine shown here. It opens and seals tin cans

New Marvels of Food Factories (Sep, 1934)

New Marvels of Food Factories

PERMITTED to peep behind the scenes in a giant food plant, a housewife would envy the speed and exactness of the modern machines used in preparing and packing food. The variety of these error-proof automatic devices is almost endless. In bakeries, massive, yet delicately adjusted mixers weigh and sift flour and measure water, mixing enough dough for hundreds of loaves of bread in one batch and assuring uniform taste and texture. The baked loaves are brought into position before a rank of dancing hack-sawlike blades that slice them in a flash, more nearly even than the most skilful housewife could do. Huge disks, rotating under corrugated rollers, knead spaghetti dough to a uniform consistency.

New Conveniences for the Household (Sep, 1940)

New Conveniences for the Household

Potatoes and other vegetables are cut to various sizes and shapes by this accessory, as a lever forces them against interchangeable cutting blades set in either end

Air pressure created by squeezing a rubber bulb on the vacuum jug below forces liquid from a spout

Will We Live in Vacuum Bottles? (Feb, 1932)

I would love to live in a house with a giant handle on top. It would make life so much easier for God when the rapture comes!

Will We Live in Vacuum Bottles?

by John L. Raymond

What is a vacuum bottle house? It sounds fantastic, but science is developing a new type of house with vacuum walls, adapting the principles of the familiar thermos bottle, which will be so perfectly insulated that one ton of coal will do the work of nine. Some day you may live in one!

IN HIS fascinating book, “The Time Machine,” H. G. Wells looks forward to the day when man, in an awkward attempt to survive a dying sun and a frigid and dreary earth, will take to the ground to live like ants—an idea which does not flatter the ingenuity of scientists who have been working to develop the perfect house, in which comfort is assured regardless of outside temperatures.

Homemade Chair Has Seventeen Aids to Comfort (Aug, 1939)

Homemade Chair Has Seventeen Aids to Comfort

COMFORT-LOVING Bill Porter, East St. Louis, 111., handy man, takes no chances on having to get up for anything once he’s settled in his easy chair. For the chair, which Porter designed and built, is equipped with seventeen convenient accessories, including a radio, bookcase, electric fan, shoe-shining and pipe-smoking equipment, and compartments for food and beverages. A pull on a “gearshift” lever lowers the back, converting the chair into a bed.

The Original Swiffer (Apr, 1934)

Mop Has Disposable Roll

A DUST mop that uses disposable dusting material has been developed by a Chicago, Ill., manufacturer. The mop features a roll of crepe wadding which is claimed to be superior to paper or cloth. As the outside layer becomes soiled, it can be torn off and a new layer made ready for use. Rolls are inserted in a special holder.

Novel Appliances for the Household (Aug, 1933)

Novel Appliances for the Household

KEEPS FOOD WARM. When dinner is delayed, food is kept warm in the utensil shown here. The center compartment, filled with hot water, heats the contents of the outer sections

LOVE SEAT ALSO A BED By pressure on a lever, this love seat is easily turned into a comfortable bed as may be seen in the lower photo. The ends drop down and the cushions build up ends of mattress


To save a busy housewife from frequent annoyance by unwelcome callers, a doorbell that works only upon the insertion of a dime is soon to be marketed. The coin slides into an inside receptacle, where it closes an electric contact that permits the bell to be rung. If the caller proves to be a friend, the dime is returned as the guest enters; if the visitor is a stranger or one to whom entrance is refused, the money is retained. Dimes kept by the device provide a fund for charities.

Vacuum Cleaners Vacuum-Cleaned (Jul, 1940)

This is so meta.

Vacuum Cleaners Vacuum-Cleaned
Because housewives generally hate to clean out vacuum-cleaner dust bags thoroughly, a Minneapolis, Minn., electrical shop does the job for them with a homemade machine. The bags are cleaned by a revolving brush set in an opening in a horizontal pipe, through which loosened dust is drawn off by a suction pump.

New Appliances Lighten Home Chores (Jul, 1939)

New Appliances Lighten Home Chores

BOILED EGGS without shells are produced by this novel device. Raw eggs are broken into four metal cups, which are closed and lowered into a water container that is heated electrically

COCKEYED GLASSES. It’s lots of fun to serve drinks at parties in these glasses with crazy stems

TEAPOT DRIP CATCHER. The sponge-rubber bib below keeps tea from dripping and holds the lid on