House and Home
Housework Made Easier With New Accessories (Jun, 1936)

Someone needs to bring back the 3 in 1 Air Conditioner / Dishwasher / Washing Machine

Housework Made Easier With New Accessories

THE LATEST FOOD DICER cubes soup vegetables and potatoes for French frying by the simple operation of pressure on the cutting grid. Guests will wonder how you were able to achieve such uniform vegetable blocks with so little time to prepare dinner.

MOTORIZED NAIL FILES are fast becoming a necessary boudoir accessory, for the new machine sings magically over the nail’s edge, with none of that unpleasant rasping that comes from the ordinary file.

Sipper With Built-in Refrigerant (Nov, 1950)

Sipper With Built-in Refrigerant
Every swallow is chilled when drinks are sipped through a novel aluminum tube containing a sealed-in refrigerant and tipped with a Tenite plastic mouthpiece and end. The sipper is kept in the freezing compartment of the refrigerator prior to use and its contents allowed to freeze solid. There is no dilution of the beverage and the plastic mouthpiece protects lips from frostbite. It is made in several colors and is easily cleaned and dried.

Time and Money-Saving Tools for Woman’s Workshop in Home (Dec, 1924)

Time and Money-Saving Tools for Woman’s Workshop in Home

Worn over the Night Clothing, Chamois-Lined Sleeping Robes for Children or Adults Have Draw Cord at the Bottom and Adjustable Hoods, Protecting Head, Feet and Shoulders and Eliminating Heavy Bedding

No Danger of Getting Salt in the Ice Cream with This Rapid Labor-Saving Freezer That Stops Automatically When Contents Are Ready

Handy Helps for the Homemaker (Apr, 1940)

The chick wearing the gloves is going to give me nightmares.

Handy Helps for the Homemaker

Frankfurters are electrocuted in the novel cooker illustrated above. Current flowing between forks cooks them

Electric appliances included in this boudoir cabinet are a hair curler, water heater, iron, drier, vibrator, clipper, razor, and radio

DEEP-FAT FRYING is made safe and pleasant by the pan below. It has an inner metal ring to prevent fat from boiling over, and a thermometer (left) that fits its edge

Engineering Better Meat (Feb, 1949)

Yum! Nothing makes food sound more appealing than auto industry terminology. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of that new-model 1950 beef. My mouth is watering just thinknig about it’s square streamlining and shorter wheel base!

Engineering Better Meat

Nature needs help as a hungry world calls for food. “Blueprints” drawn up by animal engineers promise to give us more meals from each animal

PLANS for the 1950-model beef critter already are on the drawing boards of the nation’s animal engineers—and never did you see such a streamlined creation!

Built with square lines, low to the ground and with shorter “wheelbase,” this advanced model will carry more T-bones and tenderloins for its weight than any animal yet to appear on American ranges.

Iceless “Ice Box” Lowered in Ground Keeps the Food Cool (Oct, 1932)

Iceless “Ice Box” Lowered in Ground Keeps the Food Cool

A COUNTERWEIGHT on one end, and a cylindrical container on the other end of a steel rope running over two pulleys supported on a pole, makes up the major portion of an ingenious contrivance for cooling foods.

The container, shown in the accompanying photo, fits loosely into a seven-foot hole in the ground lined with a steel casing. It has three shelves, and a door closes it off from the outside. Three iron rods about four feet long run from the top of this “cooler” container to the sustaining end of the rope or cable.



Fork Cleaner Which Consists of Four Small Brushes through Which the Prongs are Pushed Back and Forth to Remove Any Foreign Matter Adhering to Them

Separator That Removes the Cream from a Milk Bottle by Merely Squeezing the Rubber Bulb on the Handle

The Chair and Smoking Stand Above, Made of Palm-Tree Stems, Are Artistic, Light, and Durable Mixer Which Aids in Preparing Mayonnaise Dressing for Sea Foods, Salads, Vegetables, and the Like: The Ingredients are Placed in the Bowl and the Funnel is Filled with Olive Oil Which Drops Out

Latest Inventions for the Household (Jun, 1936)

Latest Inventions for the Household

Gasoline-powered washing machines, used on farms and estates not served by power lines, now can be fitted with a small generator unit to charge storage batteries for tractors, automobiles, or radios. Mounted on the platform with the engine, the generator is hooked up to the pulley by means of a drive belt

To preserve the freshness of beverages after the bottles are opened, a new cap lifter contains a rubber sealing plug which can be clamped over the bottle lip. It gives an air-tight seal on all standard necks, and cannot be blown off easily

How Wallpaper is Made (Mar, 1924)

From the Stone Age to Wallpaper

Patterns of Today Reflect Designs, Coats of Arms and Tapestries First Used During the Middle Ages in Europe

ALTHOUGH the manufacture of wall-papers is one of the most interesting branches of the paper industry, comparatively few persons are familiar with its details or with how its development has kept pace with the progress of mankind from the earliest ages.

In the modern mill waste paper of various kinds—catalogue trimmings, office records and overissue newspapers—is reduced to pulp together with a certain amount of chemical, coloring matter and sizing. Since the output of this process does not have the color or texture necessary for the background, a coating of china clay, or plain ground color, is applied before printing.

What’s New for Your Home (Nov, 1950)

What’s New for Your Home

SHOWER STALL can be set up wherever there are running water and a drain. It can be connected by garden hose. Attached to the wall with screws, the stall is made splashproof by a wrap-around curtain

HAIR DRIER is an attachment for a new vacuum cleaner. With it, you can dry your hair quickly without heat. The upright is adjustable for height

LIKE SHRIMPS? You can clean them quickly with a daggerlike plastic utensil that separates shell from meat with a single thrust