House and Home
Homemade Tractor Has One Wheel (Jan, 1933)

Homemade Tractor Has One Wheel

WITH a power plant that is suspended securely inside of a big ring-shaped wheel, a garden tractor has been built largely from odds and ends by R. D. Read of Akron, Ohio. It operates like the unicycle automobile developed in England. (P.S.M. May, ’32, p. 63.) A single-cylinder motorcycle engine was used without modification except for the installation of an additional gear for cranking, and a planetary type clutch operated from the plow handle.

Electronic Hot Dog (Apr, 1946)

Electronic Hot Dog is the latest wrinkle as the machine at the right demonstrates. A coin inserted, a button pushed and the frankfurter is cooked by radio waves and delivered to the customer. The electronic grill will also dish out grilled cheese sandwiches and hamburgers.

New Devices for General Use (Jan, 1933)

New Devices for General Use

Telephone Timer
• OUR grandmothers boiled eggs by little three-minute sand-glasses, like this one, which tells the long-distance talker what time he has taken.

Washes and Sprinkles
• ANY garden hose takes these units, which wash and clean the car, and sprinkle the grass and flowers efficiently.

For Jobs in the Dark
• YOUR light falls just where you look, if you wear these electric “spectacles,” which throw considerable light. Can be worn over glasses.

Bed in Magnetic Field Gives Sound Sleep (Nov, 1931)

Bed in Magnetic Field Gives Sound Sleep
ACTING on the theory, deduced from extensive experiments, that human beings sleep most soundly when they lie parallel with the magnetic lines of force which encircle the earth from north to south, a German scientist has devised a special bed which permits a sleeper to get maximum benefits from the earth’s magnetism.

For rooms where a bed would look awkward with its head toward the north and its foot toward the south, an ingenious turntable is employed. Each night before retiring time, the bed is turned to lie north and south by means of a crank which operates the turntable through a system of gears. Magnetic. lines of force through the sleeper’s body tend to bestow good health. Bed is turned to normal position in morning.

Newest Household Devices (Sep, 1933)

Newest Household Devices

MOTOR IN MIXER’S BASE. Danger of oil getting into the food is eliminated by placing the motor in the base. A condenser is installed in the base to prevent the mixer from causing radio interference

SAVES SOAP A rubber suction cup holds upright the metal feet of this soap holder. When attached to tub or basin, it permits the water to drip off, thus preventing waste

NEW OPENER To remove a jar top with this metal opener, just turn the handle. The flanges adjust themselves to grip the top. The strong leverage enables one to start a refractory top with little effort

Home Steam Bath (Mar, 1952)

Home Steam Bath is a white enamel steam stool, inset, 17 inches high and 13-1/2 inches square. Vinyl plastic robe is stored in stool’s cover. One pint of water lasts 30 min. Home Accessories, Jacksonville, Ill.

Household Tools to Speed Home Work (Feb, 1932)

I think that the telephone on the second page is one of the earliest I’ve seen that has a modern handset.

Household Tools to Speed Home Work

VERSATILE TONGS. Useful in the kitchen are these tongs which serve many purposes from grasping hot potatoes to lifting eggs out of boiling water. Also at one end there is a handy bottle opener

DRIES HAIR QUICKLY. This new hair drier can be used with an ordinary gas plate. When the curved housing of sheet metal is set upon the burner, it directs outward a stream of hot air which, striking the hair, quickly dries it

THEY SAVE YOUR HANDS. Especially designed to aid in washing clothes are the tongs shown below. Their grip will not harm fragile fabrics, it is said

All-In-One Kitchen (Jan, 1952)

All-In-One Kitchen combines a refrigerator with a three-burner range, sink, drainboard and storage compartment. Unit is 27-1/2 in. high, 36 in. wide. Made by General Air Conditioning, Los Angeles.

Time and Money-Saving Tools for Woman’s Workshop in Home (Oct, 1924)

Time and Money-Saving Tools for Woman’s Workshop in Home

Little Ice Factory at Right May Be Run by Hand or Small Motor and Will Freeze a Two-Pound Block in Ten Minutes

Pretty Effects in Plants and Attractive Combinations of Blossoms Are Possible at Little Expense with a Unique Four-Way Flowerpot, an Ordinary Hollow Tile Set in a Saucer

Putting Up the Curtain Rods Is Easy if They Are This Style—Flat, Adjustable and with Holes in the Ends That Slip into Little Hook Brackets

Ultra-Modern Homes Promise Better Health and Comfort (Oct, 1933)

Ultra-Modern Homes Promise Better Health and Comfort

A NEW architectural age is dawning! Proof of this is seen in the strange new types of homes which are springing up throughout the country, presaging the day when we will be living literally in glass houses.

Our faithful old wooden and stone dwellings are primitive and unscientific, not so very far removed, so far as comfort and convenience is concerned, from the caves in which our half-human ancestors dwelt, say exponents of the new housing era. Bouncing health and inexpensive comfort are the goals towards which home designers are striving. No more muggy rooms on torrid summer days; no more dry, over-heated rooms on cold winter days. Plenty of health-giving sunlight shining through glass walls and plenty of terrace space for sun bathing and al fresco dining.