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Lamps of Tomorrow (May, 1945)

Lamps of Tomorrow

When “the Lights Go on Again” After the War, They Will Be Lit by the Magic of Radio


IMAGINE lamps that light by radio power, that stay on when they are turned off, and that kill germs in the home. Will future dwellings contain such scientific wonders? In experimental form, these and other appliances as remarkable have already been demonstrated by Samuel G. Hibben, director of applied lighting at the Westinghouse Lamp Division, Bloomfield, N. J.

New Inventions Make the Housewife’s Work Easier (Nov, 1933)

New Inventions Make the Housewife’s Work Easier

So arranged, for height and otherwise, that the door opens at the touch of the knee, this new door latch proves a great boon to housewives, especially when both hands are full.

Combination electric wall clock and switch turns off freezing unit of electric refrigerator and automatically switches it on again in a few hours, eliminating danger of temperature rise to point dangerous to food maintenance.

Housekeeping Tools to Minimize Labor (Dec, 1933)

Housekeeping Tools TO MINIMIZE LABOR

UP-TO-DATE COAL STOVE. Here is a mod-ern coal range. It is so perfectly insulated that you can rest your hand any place on it but on the cooking plates. Coal is fed to it automatically and it burns only eight pounds a day. It has two ovens, one thermostatically controlled for baking, the other water-jacketed to keep the temperature under the boiling point. Hot water is available from a tap at the front. Draft is regulated by the lever at left. “Hot” and “medium” cooking plates are provided with this modern range

The appliance shown above prevents refuse from washing down the sink drain. It also acts as a stopper when the handle is turned. It is easily lifted out so that the drain and its connecting pipes can be kept clear

Upturned Rowboat Forms Roof of Tiny One-Room Cottage (Aug, 1938)

Upturned Rowboat Forms Roof of Tiny One-Room Cottage
All’s shipshape in this little cottage at Whitstable in Kent, England! An upturned rowboat forms the tight gable roof of the one-room house, whose walls meet in a point beneath the bow of the boat. Not so nautical is the big brick chimney.

Pyrex Ad: A new material has come into the world (Apr, 1916)

A new material has come into the world

By means of this important discovery food is now baked in transparent glass dishes so durable that the hottest oven will not break them. This glass transmits heat so perfectly that the food bakes faster and more uniformly, holds its flavor better and does not burn.

The progress of the baking can be seen right through the dish.

MOTORLESS WASHER Among Newest Household Robots (Aug, 1935)

In the 1930’s you could call anything a robot. Screwdriver? Nope, it’s a tightening robot. Bucket with a handle on it? Household Washing Robot.

MOTORLESS WASHER Among Newest Household Robots

DOUBLE DECK TWIN BEDS have interchangeable fide rails and end boards, permitting use of beds side by side or one above the other. In making up the double-decker shown above, both head-boards are used on the bottom bed, and extensions added to the legs of the upper to give more headroom.

KITCHEN ROBOT pictured above can, at touch of button, make ice cream, wash cutlery, mix cake batter, mash potatoes, squeeze or mash fruit, grind meat, and do a host of other tasks about kitchen.

cleans clothes in less than five minutes. An agitator plate inside swings back and forth as hand-operated lever is moved with slow, easy strokes.

ALL-PURPOSE COOKER plugs into light socket, does any type of cooking or baking. Shown below are the broiling and baking pans, waffle grids, muffin tin, and oven which fit into chromium-finished unit.

Mechanical Aids Remove Drudgery from Housework (Jul, 1933)

Mechanical Aids Remove Drudgery from Housework

Cocoanut shredder
Fresh cocoanuts may be shredded with complete safety to hands by use of this new household utensil.

Combination lawn lounge and settee can be wheeled to any part of lawn or beach. Does duty also as convalescent chair.

Ideal for the bed-ridden is this two-legged table, suitable for use as a card table, bed table, tilted book rest, etc. Legs are adjustable to bring top to any height and angle desired.

Device Dries Wash In 3 Minutes (Apr, 1936)

Device Dries Wash In 3 Minutes

AN ELECTRICAL clothes drier using centrifugal force is capable of rough drying the family laundry in three minutes. The dryer plugs in on any light circuit, and is small enough to fit in any out-of-the-way corner.

The clothes to be dried are suspended by a net inside a rotating cylinder. As the rotation casts the water off, air currents are drawn through the clothes to hasten the process through evaporation. A waste pipe draws off the excess water. The dryer is much easier on clothes than wringing, as well as being
much faster. It was developed in Germany.

Garage Door Tells Time (Mar, 1954)

Garage Door Tells Time
An eight-foot clock decorates the garage door on the home of Clifford Cattell of Adrian, Mich. He says raising the door doesn’t interfere with the wooden works. Yes, he’s a clock designer by trade.

New Electrical Wonders Work Living Room Magic (Sep, 1956)

New Electrical Wonders Work Living Room Magic

How do they work? Take a look inside the wireless TV control, switchless lamp, cordless clock.

By Martin Mann

AMAZE your friends! Just look at the TV and make it change channels or silence the commercial—while your hands are in your pockets. Make a lamp light when you wave your hand and mutter abracadabra. Lift the electric clock, its second hand sweeping merrily —but look, no wires!

Magic? Yes, sir. But not the kind you laboriously rig up yourself. These are new commercial marvels, available in stores around the country.