House and Home
Minute Savers for Milady (May, 1930)

Minute Savers for Milady

Many of the messy, time-consuming duties of the household have been completely eliminated by these mechanical time-savers.

Here is an adjustable bridge or floor lamp that has two intensities of light. Just a slight pressure on a button is needed to make the adjustment. With the shade turned up the lamp gives a diffused light for general illumination. Turned down, a localized light is provided.



Left: This layout, planned by Youngstown Kitchens, makes most of available space, gives the homemaker all the conveniences she could want. Note the variety of steel cabinets, waist-high oven built into wall.

Right: Westinghouse “Cinnamon” kitchen is designed for large family. For $7.50, the company will supply blueprints from which a contractor can duplicate it. Prints for 3 other kitchens are available at $6 each.

Inventions Take Drudgery out of Household Tasks (Apr, 1932)

Inventions Take Drudgery out of Household Tasks

Using the new orange juicer shown above, only a few twirls of the handle are necessary to remove all liquid from fruit. When the job is done the cup is removed and the juice poured into the glass, ready for drinking. The mechanism may be cleaned with very little effort, and is operated as demonstrated above.

With this new tie rack, any tie may be removed with utmost convenience, leaving others undisturbed. The rack lies fiat against the door and is lifted with handle.

Mechanical Cow (Feb, 1950)

This is not our first mechanical cow.

Mechanical Cow

Up in Whitehorse, the largest settlement in the Yukon Territory, children get their milk from a mechanical cow. Actually, the machinery works in reverse — it churns milk stock, pure water and butter back into rich milk. The water is heated to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and the milk stock added. Then the mixture is brought to a boil and butter mixed in at a temperature of 145 degrees.



Government engineers have just erected the odd steel umbrella pictured above to shelter from the elements a twelfth-century pueblo watch-tower in Arizona. Archeologists consider the mud-walled structure the most important of its kind. The Stone Age builders bored two holes in the walls, so aligned that beams of the rising sun traversed both only on March seventh and October seventh— thus warning of changes in season.

G.E. Heat Pump (May, 1952)

I once caught an air-conditioner thiiis big.

G.E. Heat Pump
A far cry from old-time heating methods is the G.E. packaged heat pump that either heats or cools house

NEW PRODUCTS (Nov, 1955)


1. Kwik-Sand unit tits drill presses, lathes, etc. Standard 5-inch abrasive disks can be clamped onto unit in a matter of seconds.

2. TV Duette replaces small, side mounted speaker, resulting in increased frequency range; can be used for other hi-fi units.

3. Portable hi-fi speaker enclosure, designed for outdoor use. Fiberglas insulated bass reflex compartment for 8 or 12-inch speakers.

5. Hardwood legs, in various lengths, for straight or flare mounting. Steel bracket screws into furniture, legs fasten to bracket.

NEW for the HOME (Nov, 1950)

I like how this Zip-Tie and modern Zip-Ties serve the same purpose in a totally different way.

NEW for the HOME

Safety Outlet, of Bakelite plastic, features rotating caps that automatically cover the sockets when not in use. When plug prongs are inserted, the cap is turned to align cap and socket holes. Bell Electric Co., 1844-50 W. 21 St., Chicago.

Sliding Door Hardware has self-adjusting spring tension built into top rollers, eliminates fitting time, lets you use all the space between ceiling and floor. Wheels are of case-hardened steel, run on ball bearings. Roll-A-Door Corp., N. Y. C.

Got acrophobia? Move into this apartment building (Feb, 1968)

Cool looking building, but what is that Eye of Sauron looking thing on the bottom?

The address is15 Boulevard Maréchal Leclerc 38000 Grenoble, France (Charlie’s Loyal Minions)

Got acrophobia? Move into this apartment building

Acrophobia is a dread of height. The designers of this 28-story apartment building in Grenoble, France, say the repetitious pattern of the balconies on its face is just dandy for people who suffer from that ailment because it suggests solidarity. Each box balcony is 13 feet tall, 10 wide, and five deep.

NEW for the HOME (Aug, 1951)

NEW for the HOME

Low Price Cooler fits in your window, lowers temperature about 15 degrees by water evaporation and air circulation. It is portable, weighing only 35 lbs. Reservoir contains 4-1/2 gal. Twin fans drive air at 1,500 ft. per min. Price installed is about $70. Palmer Mfg. Corp., Phoenix.