Chicken Feed Shocked From Earth With “Worm Wands” (Nov, 1932)

Chicken Feed Shocked From Earth With “Worm Wands”

PATROLMAN Walter O. Lickert, of Omaha, Nebraska, whose flock of chickens numbers 13,000, is materially lowering the cost of his feed bill by the development of what he calls his “electrical worm extractor,” or “worm wands.”

Cylinders Replace Wings in Plane (Feb, 1934)

Cylinders Replace Wings in Plane
Jets of air, sucked in at the front and expelled at the rear of huge tubes, are the unconventional means advanced by a Glen-dale, Calif., inventor for lifting and propelling an airplane. He has designed and patented a wingless craft, employing this principle, which he maintains will be able to rise and descend vertically and to hover motionless aloft.

Motor Boat Sportsmen Race Over Merry-Go-Round Course for Thrill (Sep, 1930)

Wouldn’t the boat on the inside track always win?

Motor Boat Sportsmen Race Over Merry-Go-Round Course for Thrill

SPEEDING at 40 miles per hour in an outboard motorboat around a merry-go-round course is one of the thrill-producers of water sportsmen at Winterhaven, Florida. Each boat is attached to a rope of a different length from the others so that the boats can pass each other on the course. They circle round and round the central pole held by the ropes. The only difficulty in this sport is that you never get anywhere—you just keep on going and end at the beginning.

Super War Tanks (Sep, 1936)

Super War Tanks

Light tank has been so modified that it becomes a land dread-naught, many times as destructive as the ordinary tank.

WHEN tanks are used in trench warfare, the infantry advances behind them, using them as shields. The disadvantages of this practice are that the men are exposed to enemy fire, and their offensive value is negligible, until they approach a position for hand-to-hand combat.

Submarine Auto (Sep, 1936)

Submarine Auto

LOU SENARENS developed many outlandish and queer vessels for Frank Reade, the hero of one of his groups of nickel novelettes. One of these mysterious vessels was an automobile which could travel on land, in the water, or under the water, under its own power, and, strange as it may seem, such a combination craft has actually been invented and constructed by Michel Andre of France.

Airplane Field for Tall City Buildings (Oct, 1937)

This is one of those incredibly bad ideas that everyone seemed to have at the same time. Maybe it had to do with the coincidence of a fad for aviation and one for skyscrapers. Whatever the reason, they never really address the catastrophic consequences of a crash, nor the problems of traffic management.

Airplane Field for Tall City Buildings

New invention is expected to solve the problem of providing aviation facilities for large cities. Platforms are designed to operate on the roofs of large buildings and permit happy landings and easy take-offs.

AN invention of J. Herbert Jones of Brooklyn, N.Y., is expected to revolutionize the problem of airplane landings and take-offs in restricted areas, such as on the tops of large buildings, decks of ships, water fronts along the coast, or small land areas.

Vibrator for Grid Players (Jan, 1930)

Vibrator for Grid Players

SOME university football coaches are using electric vibrator devices to aid in conditioning their players. The vibrator machine aids in eliminating superfluous flesh.



Part, at least, of the thrill of gliding can be had by bicycle riders whose machines are equipped with wings and tailpiece. This glider outfit is the invention of Harry T. Nelson, Dallas, Texas, World War flyer. It consists of small wings and a tailpiece that, he says, can be readily attached to any bicycle.

Youth Invents Gondola Shoes to Walk English Channel (Sep, 1931)

If he ever attempted this I’m pretty sure you can visit both Mr. Terry and his gondola shoes a few meters down just off the coast of Dover.

Youth Invents Gondola Shoes to Walk English Channel

THE ancient Biblical feat of walking on water is soon to be duplicated by a Washington youth, George Terry, who has invented an odd pair of gondola shoes to achieve the stunt. The scene of the re-enactment of the feat will be the English Channel, between Dover and Calais.

This Roller Safety Device Sweeps Away Fallen Pedestrian (Mar, 1931)

I just can’t understand why this isn’t standard on all vehicles…

This Roller Safety Device Sweeps Away Fallen Pedestrian

TRUCKS equipped with the new safety device shown in the photo at the left will literally sweep a fallen pedestrian before it and thus save him from being crushed to almost certain death beneath the heavy wheels.