Personal Appearance
Aluminum Attraction (Nov, 1943)

Aluminum Attraction

THE well-filled sweater shown in the picture at right, designed for use with evening dress, is made of a new material— aluminum yarn, colored to resemble gold. Production of this yarn is limited to the small amount necessary for experimental purposes, is expected to remain so until after the war, when it will become available for general civilian use. And if it can make every girl look like this one, we’re certainly in favor of it. Her name is Lorna Deane.

Beauty Machine Removes Excess Flesh Without Exercise (Aug, 1931)

Beauty Machine Removes Excess Flesh Without Exercise

FASHION moguls have decreed that the boyish figure is passe, and that graceful curves are to be the coming mode. So, anticipating a need among the women, a far-sighted inventor has devised an instrument which literally rolls these curves into the body, getting rid of excess flesh without developing unsightly bundles of muscles, which exercising gave.

An important feature of the new device, however, is that developing these curves requires no work, for milady can become stylish in this new machine while reading a book, smoking a cigarette, or even gossiping. Hips, the chief point of attack, are reduced by means of rollers which massage the flesh, as illustrated in the accompanying photo.



A clever attachment for a standard make of safety razor enables any man to trim his hair in the manner of a professional barber, it is said. Drawn downward against the hair, the razor blade is given an increasing tilt by two metal rockers, and produces a “feather edge.”

“Dressmaker’s Form” Easily Duplicated (May, 1938)

“Dressmaker’s Form” Easily Duplicated

FOR the many people desirous of designing their own clothes or who have a figure that does not conform to “standard” or “ready made” sizes, this new type of dress form, invented by a Miss Cora Smith, should be ideal.

With Miss Smith’s system it is merely necessary to swathe the “model’s” figure in tissue paper, secure it with tape, such as is used in package wrapping, then slit it up the back and remove from the human body. A coat of shellac is applied, allowed to dry for 3 days and a second coat is applied; the form is now complete. To use it, the form is set upon any flower stand, or post, raised to the proper height.

Thereafter, it is merely necessary to slip the dress on the replica and make whatever alterations are desired.

Lip Tattooing Is the Latest Fad (Jan, 1933)

I hope she doesn’t change her mind.

Lip Tattooing Is the Latest Fad

A NEW and unique fad making rapid strides among the movie folk of Hollywood is not to rouge the lips but have them permanently made up by the tattoo artist, as demonstrated in photo below. All shades of the more popular lip sticks are available and may be worked on in a short time at little inconvenience.

Copper Swim Suit Ad for Arizona (Jan, 1933)

Copper Swim Suit Ad for Arizona
ALTHOUGH not guaranteed to make swimming easier, this jaunty copper bathing suit will cause many a reclining sun bather to sit up and take notice. The suit is generously sprinkled with copper and was worn by Miss Helen Brow of Phoenix, Arizona, recently chosen as “Miss Arizona.” The real purpose of the suit is to advertise Arizona.

Exerciser Rights Faulty Posture (Sep, 1930)

Well, it’ll either straighten your back, or rip your head off.

Exerciser Rights Faulty Posture
BUSINESS men and women who by necessity must lead sedentary lives will find the exercising device shown at the left an excellent corrective for the stooping posture developed by such a manner of living. The device can be hung up in a doorway or in the attic for a few minutes exercise each day. Muscles of the shoulders, arms and neck are given a strenuous workout by the pulling movement of the arms and the stretching motion to the neck.

Guard Prevents Lipstick Smears (Jul, 1934)

Guard Prevents Lipstick Smears

A TINY device which slips between the lips effectively prevents lipstick from making smears while actresses try on gowns. Studio wardrobe departments are finding the guard especially valuable in protecting expensive costumes.

The device is pressed out of heavy paper.

Novel Frown-Wrinkle Preventives (Sep, 1939)

Novel Frown-Wrinkle Preventives

Shaped like a pair of wings, adhesive tabs just placed on the market as a new beauty aid are designed to prevent the formation of facial wrinkles and lines. Pasted on the forehead and around the eyes when doing any close work that tends to make a person squint, the tabs hold the skin smooth and prevent the creation of tiny furrows in the face, according to the manufacturer. The frown-preventing wings may also be used as a beauty aid while sleeping, being applied to the face just before going to bed.

Men DO MAKE Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses (Oct, 1965)

Men DO MAKE Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses

Reminiscent of the exciting days of the ‘twenties’ is the new vamp eye-frame by Harlequin for the woman who understands the importance of the gentle art of flirtation. With a vivaciously upswept front, the vamp captures the very essence of femininity. The beveling adds subtle interest to the elegant simplicity of the frame and the gently styled temples with their new up-to-the-minute curves add a distinguished softness.