Personal Appearance


by Amram Scheinfeld
Condensed from a chapter of the book, The Human Heredity Handbook

Personality refers to all of a human individual’s behavior traits, plus all the other special qualities of mind, body, sex, and social adjustment that distinguish him as a particular person.

Second, personality refers to qualities developed by one person in relation to other persons. Strictly speaking, then, only human beings can be considered as having “personalities.” Although we might like to think that cats, dogs and other animals also have “personalities,” scientists prefer to speak of their traits as “behavior patterns.”


Wow, not only are high-heels good for women, apparently they give them bigger breasts!


High-heeled shoes are physically and psychologically best for women’s wear, says a British doctor, contrary to the opinions of many authorities.

Careful tests on special scales have shown, said Dr. Owen McDonagh, that high heels throw the weight onto the heel rather than onto the toes, as is frequently charged.

Coat and Vest in One Piece (Nov, 1931)

Coat and Vest in One Piece

HERE’S a good way to beat the dry cleaners who charge more for a three piece suit than for merely the coat and pants. It’s a combination coat and vest invented by Philip H. Einbinder, a Denver tailor.

“Vests,” says Einbinder, “are a nuisance. They’re all front anyhow, so why bother putting fronts on them.” Putting his theory into practice he built flaps into the coat which button in front like a vest, the rest of the coat folding over them. If you don’t want to wear a vest, just button the flaps back under the armpits out of the way.

New Way to Develop Your Form (Nov, 1934)

New Way to Develop Your Form

Yes! Now you can fill out those ugly hollows —add firm, rounded flesh just where you need it—develop lovely shapeliness. Let me send you my easy method to try

Add Lovely Feminine Curves

Scrawny Necks (Mar, 1922)

Scrawny Necks
You can develop a strong, beautiful neck by exercise in your own room. Thin necks, double chins, stringy necks, short necks will become round and smooth. The muscles will become so strong they will quickly relieve any trouble inside or outside of the neck. More than 50.000 men, women and athletes have obtained great results from my book on how to have a strong, beautiful neck. Send for it today, 25c in coin.
Prof. Anthony Barker, D.C. Dept. 2442, 865 6th Av.,N.Y.C.


The beginning of disposable culture?


For public places, such as hotels and barber shops, a paper comb has been offered, giving every patron a clean, sanitary article, which, when used once, may be thrown away. Since it is specially treated with a waxlike composition, it slips through the hair as easily as a comb of rubber or bone, and if it is cleaned it will not break easily. Tightly sealed in an “individual” package, it is protected from dirt until needed.

Colored Wigs of Spun Glass Lend Novelty to Headdress (Oct, 1924)

Colored Wigs of Spun Glass Lend Novelty to Headdress

Wigs of spun glass in a variety of colors are being manufactured as a decorative novelty in headdress. Tinted to match the complexion, the eyes or the costume, they are said to produce charming effects. They are adapted for evening or for various special functions. A broad band, passed across the forehead, holds them in place, and they are said to retain their shape and gloss for a long time.

Sunburn Is “Made to Order” for Customers by Portrait Photographer (Sep, 1929)

I wonder when people started using the term suntan instead of sunburn. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was invented by Coppertone to distinguish between a “good” sunburn and a “bad” sunburn.

Sunburn Is “Made to Order” for Customers by Portrait Photographer

IF A person desires to appear in a portrait with a healthy glow of tan, Preston Duncan, Hollywood photographer, satisfies that desire by using a special lamp that sheds a golden ray of sunburn over the subject when the picture is being taken. The ray is produced so that it registers perfectly on the negative. The color is contained in the glass plate through which the light is shown.

Distinctive Costumes for Outdoor Play and the Season’s Odd Fads and Fancies (Jun, 1924)

This is sort of an odd feature for Popular Mechanics. I wonder if they had more female readers in the 20’s.

Distinctive Costumes for Outdoor Play and the Season’s Odd Fads and Fancies

Straight Skirt and Slip-over Jacket Give Stylish Lines to This Knitted Sport Suit Effectively Worn with Light Straw Hat with Scarf Trimming

Soft Felt Hat of Tan with Brown and Gold Side Ornament Completes the Sport Costume

Beautifier Treats the Whole Body (Jul, 1939)

Beautifier Treats the Whole Body
Head-to-toe beauty treatments are administered by the telescoping electric cabinet shown in use at the right. With all but her head inside of the cabinet, the beauty-shop patron is given a vapor bath and subjected to a flood of infra-red rays from interior lamps at the same time. The cabinet can be made smaller to give local treatments to any part of the body, while exposed parts are being massaged by a beauty-shop attendant.