Rainbows and Sun’s Green Flash (Oct, 1934)

Cool video from the ever awesome Sixty Symbols that shows the green flash.

Rainbows and Sun’s Green Flash

By Gaylord Johnson

FEW people realize that the famous green flash as well as the marvelous color effect called the rainbow, is explained by a principle which can be demonstrated indoors with the simplest of laboratory materials. In fact, not many persons have seen the green flash at all, either at sunset or sunrise, although it occurs frequently at sea or on land when the sun rises or sets in a clear sky on a level distant horizon.

Physical and Chemical Tricks! (Sep, 1936)

Physical and Chemical Tricks!

A few stunts the embryo scientist can present to his audience which are sure to mystify, astound or amaze them. All of the chemicals” used are readily available in the home, or in the corner drug store, and are inexpensive.

Oddities of Physics (Oct, 1937)

Oddities of Physics

Science is much closer to our daily lives than many of us believe. Some of the simplest phenomena and everyday occurrences which do not strike one as of any particular interest, abound with scientific explanations.

Planet Gravity Causes Sunspots (Feb, 1932)

This explanation is completely wrong.

Planet Gravity Causes Sunspots

THE eleven-year cycle of sun spots, with all its earthly effects on weather and radio, has been traced by scientists to the gravitational pull exerted on the sun by three of the planets, the earth, Jupiter and Venus. The planets exert joint attractions every eleven years.

Voltage of Sunset Is Large (May, 1930)

Don’t you need a source and drain to have a current? What are they in this case?

Voltage of Sunset Is Large
THE electric voltage of a sunset is 2000 volts higher than of a sunrise. Day and night three vast electric currents, like rapid tidal floods, rush around the spinning earth in layers of the air 80 or 90 miles above the ground.



By Dr. Charles Floyd Burrows

WHAT is a person’s normal temperature?—is a question often asked of every physician.

When the answer 98.6° F. is given to the query, very few people understand the physiological significance of this fact, or how a degree of systemic heat is maintained during health, within such narrow limits, that their bodies have an even temperature the coldest day in winter or the hottest day in summer with an exactness of adjustment that is not obtainable in warming or cooling their homes with the most up-to-date heating and refrigerating apparatus.

Chemical Engineering for Home Experimenters (Nov, 1939)

Chemical Engineering for Home Experimenters


HOW would you like to transform your home laboratory into a miniature factory for obtaining useful products from minerals, with yourself as its amateur chemical engineer? You can roast ores to obtain important metals, convert plain-looking stones into sparkling white crystals, operate a rotating kiln, and magically separate wanted minerals from unwanted ones by a flotation process.

Scientists Finally Find Long-Sought “Ghost” Particle Inside Atom (Jul, 1954)

This piece is talking about is the Cowan–Reines neutrino experiment which  garnered a Nobel prize in 1995.

It’s almost right. Neutrinos have zero electric charge, not practically none. They’re called neutrinos because they are electrically neutral. It means little neutral ones. There are actually three different types and although it was not proven until the late 1990’s, neutrinos do have a very, very small mass. Scientist know this because of  a process called neutrino oscillation (rather complex explanation). Unfortunately this process also makes it very hard to determine the masses of individual neutrinos.

There is an excellent episode of Nova called The Ghost Particle about the search for neutrinos. You can view a low-res version online here.

Scientists Finally Find Long-Sought “Ghost” Particle Inside Atom

At last scientists have trapped an atomic “ghost” particle that has eluded them for years. The particle is the neutrino. The chase began 20 years ago when scientists were forced to acknowledge the existence of the particle if their atomic theories were correct. Neutrinos are so small that they have practically no mass or electric charge. No direct evidence of the neutrino was found until the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory devised a scintillation counter that was thousands of times more sensitive than any other device to reactions caused by neutrinos.



Storm phenomena that have puzzled scientists for generations solved by laboratory methods and experiments with man-made lightning.

WHY are some flashes of lightning not accompanied by thunder? Why, when lightning reaches the ground, does it sometimes emerge and cause more damage?

These are some of the questions about the most puzzling of natural phenomena that have yielded to exhaustive experiments and study in the open and in the laboratory.

Power from Atoms? (Jun, 1935)

Actually, Einstein said energy is equivalent to mass, not power. Different things.

Power from Atoms?
Mass is power, says Dr. Albert Einstein. The arguments he presents are a little too hard for the public to follow; but here are some of his conclusions about the power that lies in the atom, if and when we can ever make use of it. But Einstein also says he feels sure that it will not be possible to convert our familiar matter into energy in the manners shown. This will relieve coal miners and oil well operators.