I kind of want to try to engineer a Hipster revival of curling.


THE OLD SCOTTISH SPORT OF CURLING IS WINNING NEW FANS IN AMERICA THERE’S none of the fire that goes with brimstone in this broom and stone game called curling—one of the oldest and most baffling man-devised sports on ice. In its essentials, this ancient Scottish pastime is like bowling or shuffleboard except that it requires much more finesse and subtlety than both.

You Can Now Play Real Golf at Home (Oct, 1921)

This word, “real”, I do not think it means what you think it means.

You Can Now Play Real Golf at Home


Henceforth you may play golf indoors and virtually watch the appearance of the shot and the extent of the flight through the air. A clean, straight-hit ball is a poem of swift, silent flight. With this new machine and the score card of any course in the world, you can play that course, using the machine for your shots up to the green, and with a piece of carpet and a putting cup playing the hole out to its conclusion.

Planet Gravity Causes Sunspots (Feb, 1932)

This explanation is completely wrong.

Planet Gravity Causes Sunspots

THE eleven-year cycle of sun spots, with all its earthly effects on weather and radio, has been traced by scientists to the gravitational pull exerted on the sun by three of the planets, the earth, Jupiter and Venus. The planets exert joint attractions every eleven years.



“A ballplayer and his Louisville Slugger are like a man and his dog —INSEPARABLE PALS”— says Joe DiMaggio, Famous Yankee home run slugger and A.L. Champion last season.

Building a BARREL STAVE Bob (Jan, 1929)

Building a BARREL STAVE Bob

IT IS not necessary to have a steel runnered sled to attain great coasting speed on a snowy hill. A bobsled can be built of an ordinary 2×12 inch plank and barrel staves which will pass anything on any hill, especially in deep snow. Besides the material just mentioned all that will be needed are a few pieces of 2×4 and a couple of carriage bolts.

$513 Clear Profit in 51 Days from an Investment of $150 (Feb, 1909)

$513 Clear Profit in 51 Days from an Investment of $150

In the result from the operation of one American Box Ball Alley in Sullivan, Ind. Why not go into this business yourself? It is the most practical and popular bowling game in existence. It will make big money in any town.

No-Lens Goggles (Jul, 1961)

Aren’t goggle’s supposed to protect your eyes though?

No-Lens Goggles

By distributing the force of a blow over the face, a guard gives protection without interfering with visibility. Made by M-K Products, 617 Queen Anne Ave., Seattle.

Science Helps to Set New Sport Records (Feb, 1930)

Science Helps to Set New Sport Records


Did you know that tire tape manufacturers, shoemakers, and sewer tile contractors deserve credit for breaking many of the world’s sport records? This may sound strange to you, but after you’ve read this fascinating article you’ll agree that the statement is absolutely true.

Spiked Plate for Shoes Aids Sport (Jun, 1930)

Spiked Plate for Shoes Aids Sport

SPORT lovers who frequently find need for spiked shoes can easily satisfy that need by taking an old pair of shoes and applying the comparatively new spiked plate shown here. It clamps to the shoe and is held in place by a number of strong springs. It is ideal for golfers and baseball players. It is quickly detached, light weight and non-rusting. The plate can likewise be used in winter for slippery sidewalks and ice games.

Children Learn to Run Typewriter in First Grade / Ski Jump (May, 1929)

I think my school started letting us learn to type on computers around the third grade. But that was around 1984 and we were using Commodore 64s. I presume it happens earlier, if not at home. That was also the year I got my first home computer, an Apple IIc.

Children Learn to Run Typewriter in First Grade

NEW YORK school authorities are experimenting with a new phase of elementary instruction in the Horace Mann school, New York City. Children of the first grade receive typing lessons as a part of the regular school curriculum.

It is the theory of educators who are performing the experiment that such instruction, while children are beginning to learn the alphabet, will be exceedingly easy for them to master.