Be A Highly Paid Auto Stylist (Sep, 1946)

Be A Highly Paid Auto Stylist



Here is an unlimited opportunity for automobile enthusiasts of any age — an open door to a bright future as a designer. Now, for the first time, you can learn this fascinating profession at home from a course originating in dynamic Detroit.

Front Drive Auto Travels 110 m.p.h. (Dec, 1936)

Front Drive Auto Travels 110 m.p.h.

DESIGNED to serve as an example of artistic and functional design as well as mechanical ability, a newly developed auto attains a speed of 110 m.p.h., and is said to travel 30 miles on a gallon of gasoline. It was designed by Benjamin F. Harris III, an industrial engineer in Chicago, Ill.

Ships of the Desert to Replace Caravans (Oct, 1931)

Ships of the Desert to Replace Caravans

JUST as the horse has been ousted from the streets by the ubiquitous automobile, so the camel, for centuries known as the “Ship of the Desert,” seems doomed, if the plans of a prominent engineer of Kiel, Germany, are carried into effect.

These plans call for a monster motor vehicle which is intended to serve as an alternative to railways in undeveloped countries and to supersede the present methods of desert transport, heretofore almost monopolized by the camel.

“Mileage? It’s miles ahead!” (Jun, 1949)

“Mileage? It’s miles ahead!”


Sure it’s smooth! Powerful, too! But listen! Owners report this big, new 1949 Mercury actually delivers 17,18,19 miles per gallon…and up! They clam it has the thriftiest power plant they’ve ever driven! And it has!

Make your next car MERCURY

Self-Expanding Trailer Becomes Camp Home (Apr, 1960)

Self-Expanding Trailer Becomes Camp Home

EVERY YEAR the nation’s camping-trailer manufacturers go a bit further in their contest to see which can cram the most possible living and sleeping space into the smallest folded package. A new trailer expands electrically from the neat, low-slung package in the top photo to the full size 15-foot trailer at left below.

Sideways rocket makes crosswind (Apr, 1964)

Sideways rocket makes crosswind

A rocket engine mounted on the side of a new car shows GM research engineers how it will react to any kind of crosswind.

The rocket’s thrust, from 50 to 200 pounds, can be accurately controlled, and the rocket can be mounted anywhere on the car. Instruments in the back seat record effect. Formerly, engineers drove a car through a blast from a propeller, but the quick passage was disadvantageous.

Cadillac 70 (Mar, 1970)

Cadillac 70

Add a lot of luxury to your leisure. Behind the wheel of the 1970 Fleetwood Eldorado, you’ll enjoy a whole new dimension in motoring pleasure. Performance as brilliant as its bold styling. The only luxury car with front-wheel drive, variable-ratio power steering and Automatic Level Control, Eldorado expresses the spirit of the seventies most vividly with its exclusive new 8.2 litre V-8 engine. Together they respond to your driving demands with the vitality, the precision and the smoothness you’d expect Cadillac to build into the world’s finest personal car. Leisure was never so excitingly luxurious.

New Fashions in Motor Cars (Mar, 1932)

New Fashions in Motor Cars

IF THIS depression has clone nothing else for the country, it has at least given lis finer motor cars. Displays of the 1932 models at recent auto shows in all parts of the country have shown many improvements and innovations in the popular-priced cars, while the more expensive models have become positively luxurious.

Refinements in construction and improvements in streamlining effects vie with the latest in snappy custom built bodies to attract the dollars of those who have them.

The ladies have come in for special attention with a built-in boudoir and a back seat driver’s instrument board.

new on the road (Apr, 1948)

new on the road

Parking Gage sounds a buzzer when you back too close to the curb. Hub caps and tire walls are protected by two, six-inch springs which close circuit when they touch curb.

Puncture-Proof Tire has nails, ice picks and a chisel driven into it to prove its toughness. Chicago police also riddled it with bullets with no effect. This tire can take it.

New Car Streamlined Sidewise (Jun, 1935)

New Car Streamlined Sidewise

TO do something new was the idea of William B. Stout, designer of cars and aircraft. Since a car follows the road, regardless of the direction of the wind, it is not necessary merely to consider the air resistance dead ahead. In this machine, easier steering against cross winds have been attained by the peculiar shape; as well as a much greater amount of space for the convenience of the occupants.