“FLIVVER” Expedition Crosses Dreaded Desert (Jun, 1931)

“FLIVVER” Expedition Crosses Dreaded Desert

Using three Ford cars with special truck bodies, an expedition headed by Maj. Ralph Bagnold of the British Army recently crossed the Libyan desert, stretching westward from the Nile River in Egypt. Members of the party are shown above. Note the tubes in the radiator tops, in which steam from boiling radiators is condensed and saved.

Eight Wheeled Armored Car Is Equipped With Wireless (Jun, 1931)

Eight Wheeled Armored Car Is Equipped With Wireless

THE Tank Corps of the British army has recently adopted an armored car which is equipped with eight wheels and a long distance wireless sending and receiving set.

Tiniest Car in Germany (Aug, 1949)

Tiniest Car in Germany is this miniature auto equipped with a one-hp engine. Measuring 2-1/2 yards long, it goes 27 mph and costs less than $300. Germans don’t need a license to drive it. Fend-Flitzer, Rosenheim, Germ.

Motor Car Dragons Help Earn a Living for Their Owners (Sep, 1931)

Motor Car Dragons Help Earn a Living for Their Owners

TERRIFYING in aspect and noisy enough to wake the dead is the dragon wagon built by Fred Jolly, Indianapolis airplane designer. Jolly is solving his unemployment problem by becoming a modern town crier.

Compact… yet roomy – that’s English! (Dec, 1958)

Compact… yet roomy – that’s English!

And it’s got real FORD “go”!

Compare its low price with any other leading import!

Slip easily through traffic, park in places most cars must pass by. Yet four people ride in comfort. For further information write:

Imported Car Sales, Ford Motor Co., 34 Exchange Place, Jersey City 2, N. J.

Made in England for Ford Motor Co., Dearborn, Mich. Sold and serviced in the U. S. by its selected dealers.

English Ford Line.

Homemade Amphib (Feb, 1947)

Homemade Amphib

below can be pedalled across water at five knots and overland at a steady 18-mph, claims the man who built it, Norman Skyes of Cheshire, England.

It is made mostly of wood, has three wheels and can be mass-produced cheaply, he says.



with Lester David

IT happened recently in my home State of Oregon: A car driven by a young automobile race driver hurtled out of control at Portland Speedway and crashed into a retaining wall. Don Porter, father of four small children and himself only 31, died violently.

Patents ~ Nutty or Novel? (Jan, 1929)

Patents ~ Nutty or Novel?

HERE are a few more recently patented “dream kites” which the inventors who planned them hope will soar to dizzy heights of fame and fortune. Just how useful they will prove to be only time can tell.

Which Are They—Nutty or Novel?



Amazing super pumpers, aerial ladders, and telescoping “Snorkles” are aiding the fight against fire!

By Ross R. Olney

THE whining scream of a fire engine is one of the most chilling sounds on earth. Who hasn’t thrilled to the siren sound, looked up in dread as the engine raced past, and then perhaps started running to where black clouds of smoke billow up into the air, shot through with tongues of scarlet flame?

Straw Hat Autos for Hot Climes (Sep, 1931)

Straw Hat Autos for Hot Climes

IN THE torrid Madeira Islands, automobiles have donned straw hats to provide the last word in comfort for motorists. Experimenters there have found that woven straw is much less heat absorbing than the customary metal cover, and so have equipped their cars with an overall sheathing of this airy material.