Mechanized St. Bernard (Jan, 1950)

Mechanized St. Bernard

A new breed of St. Bernard is making news for Steamboat Springs—a western Colorado winter resort—by rescuing skiers lost in the high Rockies. This latest hero of the snow, however, is not a canine but a cat—a novel, snow-traveling tractor invented and produced by Emmitt M. Tucker of Medford, Oregon, and known as the Sno-Cat.

WHAT TO INVENT (May, 1938)


In this installment of this series of articles, the author presents some new problems for inventors. The right solutions and subsequent exploitations should bring the designers wealth and fame.

By Raymond Francis Yates

DURING the two years that I have been writing this department for Mechanics and Handicraft, many hundreds of letters have been received from readers.

The Powder Blue Dragon -Kurt Vonnegut, Jr (Nov, 1954)

This is one of Vonnegut’s earlier published stories. Interestingly a few years after the story was published he opened a short-lived Saab dealership in a town that sounds a lot like this one.

The Powder Blue Dragon

She was romance, beauty, a dream for a lifetime. He had to have her, no matter what the cost.


A thin young man, with big, grimy hands, crossed the sun-softened asphalt of the village street, from the automobile showroom to the drugstore, his self-consciousness thinly disguised by his pretense of being on important business.


Well, that certainly looks… er. Rugged? Actually it seems like something you’d see at DisneyLand.

THE Rat is an amazingly versatile Canadian vehicle developed and built by Canadair Ltd., Montreal. Only 1,500 lbs. in weight, the aluminum buggy can tote 600 lbs. of cargo while towing another 1,000 lbs. on sleds or toboggans. The unique tandem vehicle has a small gas engine in the front section with a takeoff to power the cargo section. It runs in water, over snow and has climbed a 50 per cent grade. It is for use with troops in northern Canada.

This Roller Safety Device Sweeps Away Fallen Pedestrian (Mar, 1931)

I just can’t understand why this isn’t standard on all vehicles…

This Roller Safety Device Sweeps Away Fallen Pedestrian

TRUCKS equipped with the new safety device shown in the photo at the left will literally sweep a fallen pedestrian before it and thus save him from being crushed to almost certain death beneath the heavy wheels.

MI PIN-UP CAR – 1906 AUTOCAR (Feb, 1957)


Owner: Herbert Royston, W. Los Angeles, Calif. Engine: 2-cylinders, opposed, 12hp. Progressive transmission, three speeds forward, reverse. Wheelbase: 70 in. Hickory frame, wood body. Cost $1,000 new.

Puppet Show Teaches Traffic Laws (Jun, 1938)

Puppet Show Teaches Traffic Laws

THE ancient art of puppetry has been enlisted by the Bureau of Public Safety of Detroit, Mich., in a novel campaign to cut the accident toll of modern traffic. A play—”Stop, Look and Listen”— enacted by marionettes, is being shown at all of the city’s schools in an effort to impress children with safety rules. The cast of marionettes features a policeman, a teacher, children, stop lights, and traffic in the form of model automobiles, which are actuated by motor-driven belts.

Six serious reasons for owning a fun-to-drive AMC Gremlin X. (Feb, 1978)

It’s interesting how much more reliable cars have gotten since this time. The fact that a company would advertise the fact they had a 12 year 12,000 mile warranty is kind of sad. And this is AMC, not company that was particularly famous for reliability. Current warranty terms from auto-makers implies abit more confidence in their products.

Six serious reasons for owning a fun-to-drive AMC Gremlin X.

1. Good performance and fuel economy is provided by the peppy 4-cylinder engine and 4-speed gear box. EPA estimated mileage ratings: 35 highway; 22 city; 27 combined.*

2. Sporty Levi’s® fabric bucket seats.

3. Extra width to give you plenty of road-hugging stability plus interior room and comfort.

Perils and Rewards of Dirt Track Racing (May, 1929)

Perils and Rewards of Dirt Track Racing

By RAY F. KUNS, Automotive Engineer

This article is one of a series on vocational subjects, showing the opportunities offered young men in various professions. Each month an expert in his line will outline for readers of Modern Mechanics the advantages of his particular vocation as a life-time work.

Secret Service – RADIATOR NEVERLEAK (Mar, 1924)

At first glance, this doesn’t really look like an ad for radiator fluid.

Secret Service

This liquid quickly searches out and permanently mends all leaks in auto cooling systems. Kept in the water, it will prevent leaks as soon as they appear. Alcohol in the water does not affect it.