Chain Company Ad: “What! My Car?” (Apr, 1916)

I love that this guy has just been informed that his wife was in a car accident and his first reaction is: “What! My Car? Did that bitch wreck my car?”

What! My Car?”

“Yes! skidded—and it’s up to you. You failed to provide the chauffeur with Tire Chains. Only good luck saved your wife from paying the supreme penalty for your negligence. She’s on the way to the hospital, painfully injured, but the doctor thinks she’ll pull through. You’d better hurry to the hospital and then report to Headquarters”.

How strange it is that disaster must come to some men before they realize that all makes and types of tires will skid on wet pavements and muddy roads when not equipped with Chains.

These men do not appreciate, until too late, that by failing to provide Weed Anti-Skid Chains they expose their families to injury and death.

The time to provide against accidents is before they happen. Don’t wait until after the first skid. Put Weed Chains on all four tires at the first indication of slippery going and you will have quadruple protection against injury, death, car damage and law suits.

Weed Chains are Sold for All Tires by Dealers Everywhere

Sole Manufacturer, of Weed Anti-Skid Chains
In Canada-DOMINION CHAIN CO., Ltd;, Niagara Falls, Ontario,

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