Chemcraft for Victory! (Dec, 1944)

The basic message of the letter to all the readers of the magazine is: buy a Chemcraft outfit or your big brother will be killed by Japs and Nazis. Also, it will help you find a job after the war.


Dear Jack,
It was swell to get your V-mail letter. Hope it won’t be long before I am back home with you. I’m glad to hear that you are interested in my Chemcraft Outfit. Now I realize how important chemistry is and what a vital part it plays in our war effort. And after the war chemistry will be more important than ever. So the more you and I can learn about chemistry the better our future chances of success. Our Chemcraft Outfit will help you get a good start. So stick to it. All my love to you, Mom and Dad.

Your loving brother,

No. 5 — An outfit to be proud of, with 61 chemicals and pieces of apparatus, and manuals describing over 590 experiments. Also many special features including the Bryan Chemical Illustrators. Price, $5.00

No. 10 — A big chemical laboratory cabinet with a splendid assortment of chemicals and apparatus, including the Bryan Illustrators. the Chemcraft Balance Alcohol Lamp Blow Torch and Special manuals describing over 750 experiments. Price, $10.00

Other Chemcraft Outfits
No. 1 Beginner’s Outfit: $1.00
No. 2 Junior Outfit: $2.00
No. 3-1/2 Cabinet Outfit: $3.50

Advanced Chemcraft Laboratories
No. 15 A big and splendid outfit containing many special features and manuals: $15.00
No. 25 Chemcraft’s finest and most complete laboratory: 25.00

If your dealer Is out of stock, you may order direct from us.

Tells you some of the amazing things made possible by chemistry, and of the great opportunities for those who become interested in this fascinating subject. Also explains many mystifying experiments you can perform in your own home. Just mail coupon at right with your name and address.

You Pay No More For Chemcraft’s Exclusive Features

The newest and most important development in chemistry outfits in years. Show in a simple way how chemical elements combine and how to read chemical formulae and equations.

Mystify your friends with startling feats of chemical wizardry. Free Book tells how.

Also a special manual on Glass Blowing.

Directions for the Construction of Laboratory Apparatus and Work Benches.

EXTRA MANUALS on Special branches of Chemistry.

Chemicals marked with formula as well as with name and number. Largest assortment of highest quality chemicals and equipment.
Look at CHEMCRAFT before you buy ANY chemical outfit.

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