coffee nerves? (May, 1934)

coffee nerves?

Exhausted? Suffering from jittery nerves… sleepless nights? Many times coffee’s the trouble… coffee containing caffeine.

Give your nerves a chance to relax! Switch to Kellogg’s Kaffee-Hag Coffee! Blend of finest Brazilian and Colombian coffees, 97% caffeine-free. Doesn’t drive you… can’t upset you… can’t cost you one wink of sleep.

And it’s delicious! Kellogg’s new million-dollar process takes out 97% the bitter caffeine … but leaves in all the rich, natural flavor …makes it marvelously mellow. You can cook it longer, make it stronger… still it won’t turn bitter. Try it for three weeks!

Ground or in the Bean. ..roasted by Kellogg in Battle Creek. Vacuum packed. Satisfaction guaranteed, or money back. Buy it from your grocer, or send 15c and coupon for sample.

Send 15c for Generous Sample Can KELLOGG CO., Battle Creek. Mich. Please send me a can of Kellogg’s Kaffee-Hag Coffee (97% caffeine-free) and booklet. I enclose 15c in stamps. (Only 1 sample to a family.)

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  1. Stephen Edwards says: May 23, 20123:20 pm

    I don’t understand why everybody didn’t immediately jump on the “Kaffee-Hag” bandwagon. What an appetizing name.

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