Coin Meter Unlocks Typewriter (Apr, 1934)

Coin Meter Unlocks Typewriter

THE use of a typewriter at a convenient place is often much desired but out of the question. Now comes an inventor who has a machine which will work only when favored with a dime or a quarter placed in a slot.

Depending upon the generosity of the owners, the machine will operate for 30 minutes or more, although it can be adjusted to any length of time for any specified coin.

The operation is simple. A coin releases the machine lock for a specified number of contacts with letters and spaces.

  1. Eli says: November 9, 200711:58 am

    In one of his essays, Ray Bradbury mentioned that he wrote Fahrenheit 451 on a typewriter like this. He claimed the pressure of having to write as much as possible before his dime ran out did wonders for his creative flow.

  2. Neil Russell says: November 10, 20075:46 am

    Is glorious new Soviet Internet Cafe!

    just kidding 🙂

    It operates for 30 minutes, you better be a good typist or you may have to cough up another Liberty dime, unless the owner isn’t as “generous” and decides you can only have so many keystrokes for your specified coin

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