MR. BOOKKEEPER, do you know what the Comptometer is? It costs you nothing to find out. It will help you out on that trial balance. It insures accuracy, is twice as rapid as the best accountant and relieves all nervous and mental strain.

Write for Pamphlet FELT & TARRANT MFG CO.
52-56 Illinois St., Chicago.

  1. Blurgle says: May 2, 20083:44 pm

    Removes all mental and nervous strain? Where do I buy one?

  2. kc says: May 2, 20086:35 pm

    i got one, needs cleaning but still removes nervous strain…heavy machine

  3. blueferretdog says: May 3, 20086:16 am

    I used one of those at a lumberyard where i worked in the late ’70s, I still had nervous strain, didn’t like fooling with the books.

  4. NJGill says: May 3, 20088:53 pm

    they still had schools to teach people how to use these things in 1963 – ask me how I know!I used one in an accounting office as late as 1972.

  5. Eileen Bond says: May 17, 20094:22 am

    I was trained as a sumlock comptometer years and years ago in Belfast N. Ireland , and got two dipoloma certificates. I Loved using my comptometer specially for adding large amounts, the PC and electric calulators of today or not a patch on them for adding ….. :0)

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