Cops get a dome light (Nov, 1968)

Cops get a dome light
Japanese motorcycle cops are being outfitted with these new helmets, which have a flashing light on top. Police can use the light to flag down drivers or to control traffic on heavily traveled city streets.

  1. cATFLAP says: May 2, 20082:58 am

    Hehehe … The English derogatory term for a police constable `tit head` applies to the Japanese police too. 😀

  2. nlpnt says: May 2, 20083:08 pm

    Isn’t there some teen show where the vice-principal goes around like this?

  3. KHarn says: May 3, 20087:21 am

    You’re right, but can’t remember of the name of the show.

    “Go, go, Gadget police light!”

  4. jayessell says: May 3, 20085:21 pm

    An illuminated helmet sounds like a good idea.


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