Could This Be Your House? (Jun, 1946)

Could This Be Your House?

Mow that the war’s over and a lot more civilian goods are on the market, it’s a big temptation to spend just about all you make, and not put anything aside.

But to fall for that temptation is plenty dangerous. It’s like trying to live in the house above —a house that might come tumbling down about your ears at the first little blow of hard luck.

Right now the best possible way to keep your finances in sound shape is to save regularly—by buying U.S. Savings Bonds through the Payroll Plan.

These Bonds are exactly like War Bonds. Millions of Americans have found them the
safest, easiest, surest way to save. The U.S.A. protects every dollar you invest—and Uncle Sam gives you his personal guarantee that, in just ten years, you 11 get four dollars back for every three you put in !

If you stick with the Payroll Savings Plan, you’ll not only guard against rainy days, you’ll also be storing up money for the really important things—like sending your children to college, traveling, or buying a home.

So—any way you look at it—isn’t it smart to buy every single U. S. Bond you can possibly afford!

Stick with the Payroll Savings Plan!
This is an official U.S. Treasury advertisement—prepared under auspices of Treasury Department and Advertising Council

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