Crib Clips to Baggage Rack (Sep, 1953)

Crib Clips to Baggage Rack
Baby gets an upper berth all to himself in this new rig under test by British Overseas Airways. Made of metal and plastic cloth, the crib has a side flap that clips up to hold baby safely in.

  1. fluffy says: July 31, 20078:38 am

    Jeeze, as if the overhead storage bins weren’t already overcrowded as it is…

    Also, remember, contents may have shifted during the flight. (Obvious one-letter substitution left to other peoples’ senses of decency.)

  2. jayessell says: July 31, 20078:45 am

    Large square windows?
    That kid has other problems!

  3. Charlie says: July 31, 20078:48 am

    fluffy: very cute 🙂

    Jayessel: Good catch! Those Comets did have a habit of um, rapid depressurization and structural reorganization.

  4. mrchurchill109 says: July 31, 200710:16 am

    Is it me, or does the expression on the kid’s face speak volumes about his opinion of the whole thing?

    “Now, let’s go over this again. You’re going to stick me up here in midair in a vehicle that can make rapid 3-dimensional movements and expect me NOT to end up splattered all over the overhead?

    I think not!”


  5. Sirscott says: April 2, 20082:43 pm

    “in the event of cabin depressurisation, small infants will fall from the locker above your heads…..”

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