CRICKETEER (Oct, 1967)

Yup, hitting on the old cleaning lady is certainly tops on my list of things that define style.

Most guys leave the office at 5:15.
You know the cleaning lady by her first name.
You’ve got style.

Your favorite author is J. Paul Getty. Your favorite pastime is burning the midnight oil. And your favorite suit is the one you’re wearing: a rich, natural shoulder, double-breasted chalk-stripe executive number by Cricketeer with side vents. All wool worsted, about $75.00. For free copy of

“Clothesmanship,” back-to-campus wardrobe guide, write Cricketeer, a division of The Joseph & Feiss Co., 1290 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York.


  1. Blurgle says: May 27, 20087:56 am

    “You’re an annoying, money-obsessed brat who corners the cleaning lady after dark! Have we got a suit for you!”

  2. nlpnt says: May 27, 20088:39 am

    –Dude, she’s old enough to be your MOM!

    –“Back-to-campus wardrobe guide” for the 1967-68 school year – I’d like to compare THAT to actual period photos!

  3. Eliyahu says: May 27, 20089:34 am

    The cleaning lady is probably delighted to have some human contact at work for a change. The amazing thing is that men’s suit styles haven’t changed much since then. In fact, you can find an almost identical double-breasted suit on the rack at many stores today.

  4. Repack Rider says: May 27, 20087:43 pm

    Nice suit, but such a workaholic asshole that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Maybe that’s why Mrs. Swensen looks so good to him.

    The way she’s clutching that cleaning implement and sizing him up. Brrr… I’m not sure he knows what he’s in for. A thorough scrubbing looks imminent.

  5. ethan says: November 4, 20085:53 pm

    comments 1,2,4 are rather depraved interpretations of the situation. check yourselves. for all you know, he could be talking to her about this girl that he likes but can’t muster the courage to ask out.

    this is actually a pretty nice picture, especially in comparison to all those ads that blatantly encourage violence against women and make it seem funny and cute

  6. mike says: February 17, 20091:08 pm

    Here, here, Ethan.
    Actually, I got the impression that he was rehearsing a speech he had just written for a shareholder’s meeting in the morning. He was looking for that “working class” touch. I personally think he works too hard and his boss is a miserly bastard, given the crampy office he has.

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