CRYSTALS are not all the same! (Jun, 1967)

Given the appearance of that guy in the ad, I’d say he was much more interested in a different kind of crystal.

Also, given the name “TEXAS CRYSTALS”, it seems rather odd that they have addresses in Florida and California, but none in Texas…

CRYSTALS are not all the same!

If your dealer is temporarily out of stock or does not carry Texas Crystals, send us his name along with your request for catalog to our plant nearest you.

Texas Crystals quality is outstanding as evidenced by use in numerous government space projects where there’s no compromise with quality, reliability or accuracy. The same dependable performance is yours for CB operation on all 23 channels at only $2.95 per crystal.

Send for Free Catalog with Circuits

A Division of Whitehall Electronic Corp.
1000 Crystal Drive Fort Myers, Florida Phone 813 WE 6-2109

4117 W. Jefferson Blvd. Los Angeles, California Phone 213 731-2258

  1. Pajamas Media says: June 24, 200612:41 pm

    hey’re Here! The New Heathkit Personal Computing System!…

    Direct to you from 1977: “NEW H8 8-Bit Digital Computer. This 8-bit computer based on the famous 8080A microprocessor features a Heathkit exclusive “intelligent” front panel with octal data entry and control, 9-digit readout, a built-in bootstrap fo…

  2. SSS says: May 17, 20107:37 pm

    Radio crystals, of course!

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