Deaf Hear Through Head Bone (Mar, 1933)

Deaf Hear Through Head Bone

AN INVENTION for hearing by the conduction of sound through the bony structure of the head instead of through the outer ear was successfully demonstrated recently before the engineering society in New York.

How the contraption is worn is illustrated in the photo below. The heart of the instrument is a special transmitter worn on the clothing which intercepts the words spoken to the deaf or partially deaf person. This transmitter is connected to the oscillator which presses against the bony part of the cranium when the listening is to be done. Ordinarily, however, the oscillator is worn like a necklace around the throat as illustrated in the photo below.

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  1. Bryan C says: January 26, 200610:40 am

    Neat. There was a commercial version of this sold in the 1980’s as the “Bone Fone”. The big appeal was that you could plug it into your portable radio and wear it while jogging without it getting in the way.

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