Dear John Toilet Seat (Mar, 1954)

“Dear John, I’m leaving you, here’s a toilet seat to remember me by”.

Dear John
12 Colorful Designs. Brighten up your bathroom. Designs for any home. Modern, Circus, Farm House, His & Hers, and many others. Apply these designs yourself-easy as decals—on all 4 sides of your toilet seat Water and acid proof Won’t rub off. Handy “Dear John” DO-IT-YOURSELF Kit only $4 95 with simple instructions to fit all toilet seats Your monogrammed initials to match, add $1.00. Or send for complete hand decorated seat $24.50. Guaranteed satisfaction. Order from “Dear John,” Dept. A-22-459 No Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, California. Send 10c for illustrated catalog.

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  1. […] Mega thanks to reader Erik for spotting this link to an advertisement for Dear John toilet seat decals from a 1954 issue of Popular Science …. Looks like there were more of these folks — keep your eyes […]

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