Desk-top terminal (Jun, 1979)

Desk-top terminal

This 12x9x2-1/2-inch display takes the place of a full-size computer CRT terminal. It displays 12 lines of 40 characters and is touch sensitive—you give commands by just touching spots on the screen. Price: $3500. General Digital, 700 Burnside Ave., E. Hartford, Conn. 06108.

  1. Hirudinea says: January 4, 20134:16 pm

    If General Digital were still in business they could patent troll Apple, this is obviously the Granddaddy of the iPad.

  2. Stephen says: January 5, 20136:25 am

    They are still in business:
    Judging from the Wikipedia article, this is a plasma panel called the VuePoint.

  3. ligu says: January 5, 20132:55 pm

    It even has round edges.

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