Dishwasher Aids Housewife (Jun, 1937)

Dishwasher Aids Housewife
AN ELECTRIC dishwashing machine which uses six quarts of water, cleans all the dishes in the machine in eight minutes. Taking up but little room in kitchen, the mechanism is simple enough to be operated by a child. The dishes are placed in a basket which in turn is placed in the machine. The basket is self-locking, and stationary during the washing operation, thus eliminating all chance of dish breakage. An agitator with four blades revolves around the perforated basket, forcing the water upward between and over the dishes. The water strikes the dishes at all angles, doing a thorough and sanitary job.

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  1. Ciellä says: June 18, 200912:24 am

    8 minutes?!? Why does mine takes over 1h30 then? Maybe the dishes weren’t really clean after all…(!) I mean how could we possibly make dishwashers less effective now then 70 years ago?

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