Diver Collects Cash in Drive (Dec, 1938)

Diver Collects Cash in Drive
Dressing a solicitor in the full regalia of a deep sea-diver was the novel means employed recently by the British Lifeboat Institution to attract the attention of pedestrians on the streets of London to their campaign for funds. Fully equipped, from lead-weighted shoes to a heavy steel diving helmet, the solicitor clumped along the sidewalk selling buttons to passers-by. The photograph at the left shows a woman making a contribution to the fund.

  1. Jim Devlin says: April 24, 20081:54 pm

    Leukemia survivor Lloyd Scott “ran” the 2002 London Marathon in a similar diving suit to raise cash for a children’s cancer charity in a record 5 days, 8 hours, 29 minutes and 46 seconds.

  2. Charlie says: April 24, 20082:49 pm

    Didn’t he do that underwater?

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