Do Nine Out of Ten Persons Commit Suicide? (Mar, 1922)

No. And if they did, I’m pretty sure “internal bathing” wouldn’t help.

Do Nine Out of Ten Persons Commit Suicide?

Why do apparently strong, healthy looking men and women die too young?

Do you get up in the morning full of “Pep” and in a few hours find yourself “all in”?

What do you know about the Benefits of Internal Bathing with plain warm water in eliminating putrefactive matter from the intestines?

Why are cathartics and other laxatives harmful?

Why do thousands of people fill Health Resorts, Sanatoriums and Lunatic Asylums?

Our Free Book will enlighten you on these important subjects.

The Dupell Internal Bath is a household necessity and is recommended by physicians, trained nurses and over one hundred thousand users.

Our Free Book tells you why. Let us send you our Free Book today. You will be under no obligation. Your name and address on a postal card will be sufficient.

752 Fulton Street.
Brooklyn, N. Y.

  1. wyogold says: November 16, 20128:34 am

    An “internal bath” is an enema. Yay! Let’s use euphemisms!

  2. D says: November 16, 20129:33 am

    Dupell Internal bath is, apparently, just a water enema, goaled at “cleaning out” the colon. At least it’s *cheap* snake oil.

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