Dog Leash on Spring Reel Plays Fido Like a Fish (Jan, 1941)

Dog Leash on Spring Reel Plays Fido Like a Fish

A leash attached to a spring-operated reel is a new wrinkle for dog owners. Encased in a light but sturdy aluminum housing, the reel carries twelve feet of waterproofed leash strong enough to hold a great Dane yet light enough for use with a Pekinese. A hook forming part of the housing allows the owner to hold the device securely, while the dog is free to run for a distance of twelve feet. As he returns nearer to his owner, the spring reel winds up the leash cord to prevent it from becoming tangled. A button-con-trolled lock makes it easy to stop the dog at any time as he is running out the leash, and to keep him in hand.

  1. Toronto says: February 14, 20111:47 pm

    I didn’t realize these had been around so long. They’re the bane of cyclists on MUPs.

  2. Nomen Nescio says: February 15, 20116:42 am

    “leash strong enough to hold a great dane”… maybe, but it seems the spring mechanism never is. not recommended for strong dogs, at least not in the modern version.

  3. Kosher Ham says: February 15, 201111:34 am

    Dogs are a pain in the neck when it comes to cyclists; there were times when I wish I had a gun to shoot certain dogs that chased after me when I was coming home from school.

  4. Toronto says: February 15, 201111:49 am

    Oh, come on, KH. With a name like that you’ve got to expect dogs to chase you.

    As for “shooting”, a water bottle and/or a can of Halt! seem more reliable to me.

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