Dog Now Has His Own Auto Seat (Nov, 1933)

Dog Now Has His Own Auto Seat

THE pet dog can now ride in a specially designed auto seat mounted on top of the front seat cushion.

The box seat gives the dog an excellent view of passing scenery and leaves the rear seat free for other passengers. The box is held in place by straps running over the front cushion and by two metal braces which are screwed to back of front seat.

  1. mrchurchill109 says: November 7, 20078:45 am

    Can you say four-legged projectile? Sure you can…8*)

    Now, i have to say this is a bit of an unkind comment – with the average cruising speeds of the time it’s feasible if not too bright. On any kind of a rough road poor Fido would have been tossed about pretty badly – carsick dog? Woof, woof…barf…


  2. Adrian says: November 7, 20079:27 am

    Yes, a perfect launching pad, and if adjusted correctly can be made so that the canine is ejected through the front screen in the event of an accident.

  3. Stannous says: November 7, 20072:35 pm

    I prefer the kind with turn-signal eyes.

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