Dog Rides Comfortably in Sack on Running Board (Jun, 1936)

This is even more insane then the auto-kennels we’ve covered before. I really hope the reason that this is a drawing is that no one would actually strap their dog to the side of their car.

Dog Rides Comfortably in Sack on Running Board
When you take your dog along for a ride, but prefer not having it inside the car, it can ride safely and comfortably in this sack, which is carried on the running board. The bottom of the sack is clamped to the running board and the top is fastened to the lower part of an open window with hooks, covered with small rubber tubing to prevent marring the car.

  1. Jim Dunn says: March 13, 20085:35 am

    No, no, no, no, no, NO, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This makes my brain want to burst from my head, it hurts so bad.

  2. cATFLAP says: March 13, 20085:48 am

    Lol .. I find it quite amusing and practical, so long as you dont live in the country and have hedges run along the car as you rocket down the country lanes like we do.

  3. Neil Russell says: March 13, 20086:15 am

    What, no doggie goggles? Doggles perhaps?

  4. Rob says: March 13, 20086:22 am

    They need to make one of these for kids! 🙂

  5. Tim Giachetti says: March 13, 20086:45 am

    I’m not ,like, “all down wit PETA”, but this is hilariously scary.

  6. albear says: March 13, 20087:00 am

    WTH!!!!!!! seriously, WHAT THE HELL! Jesus H. Christ this is bad! I really hope it was some stupid hair-brained idea and none of those awful things were made and sold.

  7. Blurgle says: March 13, 20087:04 am

    Mitt Romney approves.

  8. Eli says: March 13, 20087:18 am

    There seems to be no way of opening or closing the driver-side front door without decapitating the dog.

    I somehow suspect the inventor didn’t like dogs very much.

  9. Stannous says: March 13, 200811:25 am

    I love the fact that the hooks are covered with rubber tubing so the car won’t be marred. Yeah, THAT’s the important consideration here.

  10. nlpnt says: March 13, 20082:24 pm

    I wonder if an animal-loving auto designer saw this and came up with the idea of eliminating the running boards entirely? They mostly disappeared from the 1941 American cars, which may well have been in the far-planning phase in mid to late 1936.

  11. todd says: March 14, 20089:05 am

    I would not want to clean that bag!

  12. Anonymous667 says: March 14, 20085:04 pm

    And aside from WTF, how does one get the dog INSIDE the bag in the first place?

  13. mike says: March 14, 20085:13 pm

    What? No hole for poop?

  14. Hillaryis44 says: March 14, 20085:16 pm

    It looks like something Hillary would ride in for a few votes.

  15. Joe Blow says: March 14, 20085:23 pm

    My dog would love it…

  16. Patrick says: March 14, 20085:30 pm

    Uh…cars those days didn’t go more than…20 mph?

    In todays world, yeah, this is suicide, but come on. Those days there were maybe 5-6 cars on the road in any given city.

  17. BRD says: March 14, 20085:42 pm

    Imagine what uses Mike Vick and his Crew would come up with if they had a few of these. Demolition Dogfight Derby’s!

  18. Wesley says: March 14, 20085:44 pm

    “Those days there were maybe 5-6 cars”

    Somebody didn’t pay attention in history class during the Booming 20s

  19. S.P. Gass says: March 14, 20085:45 pm

    The only problem is that modern cars don’t have running boards. Alas…

  20. Derek A says: March 14, 20086:05 pm

    But where will i put my potatoes?

  21. Jim Jones says: March 14, 20086:07 pm

    Wow, I love the feature of how those hooks attach & DETACH quickly!

  22. frank furter says: March 14, 20086:16 pm

    I love the big huge C clamps at the bottom that attach it to the running board. I agree with an earlier poster, can you imagine how long it would take to set this thing up and get the dog to actually get into the bag ?

  23. Aaron B says: March 14, 20086:24 pm

    Did the people that come up with these things even try them? Or did they just get bored one day and go “Hey! What a great idea!” and wrote it in a magazine?

  24. Fusty says: March 14, 20086:24 pm

    Doggy bag, From the makers of the Kawasaki Kitty Kat Flap Motorcycle Pouch.

  25. Chuck says: March 14, 20086:56 pm

    Back in the day, my dad use to get Popular Mechanics. He never threw anything away. Cleaning out the garage after he passed, I can remember looking through some of those issues dated from the 30’s and 40’s. Some of the stuff they had or proposed was so outlandish, it was really intertaining. We’ve come a long way in a short time.

  26. alonzo harris says: March 14, 20087:04 pm

    it would get rid of speeders

  27. drew says: March 14, 20087:17 pm

    It should be Nascar regulation to have one on every one of the cars, with a bumper-sticker that says “My dog is my co-pilot”

  28. Charlie says: March 14, 20087:45 pm

    Neil Russell » Doggles are real 🙂

  29. blahgrah says: March 14, 20087:56 pm

    while the implications of the dog bag are obvious i would like to point out the strategic position of the doors opening to the dogs head.

  30. Long Ago says: March 14, 20088:00 pm

    What a bunch of sissy pussies. 50 years ago my parents had _me_ ride on the running board. That’s why it’s called a running board, stupid. Lots of fun.

  31. doggerton says: March 14, 20088:16 pm

    That actually makes sense. And yeah, people used to ride on the running boards, so putting a dog on it, isn’t/wasn’t so weird.

  32. no name says: March 14, 20088:23 pm

    hahaha peta will love this one

    for the
    Animals! PETA

  33. anon says: March 14, 20088:27 pm

    wth o_o ..

  34. Adam says: March 14, 20088:30 pm

    I actually like it. There certainly are worse things than this. It’s not really practical but it’s inovative and thinking outside the box but not entirely thought out. A typical american invention!

    VA resident

  35. Maciek says: March 14, 20088:32 pm

    Ohhhhh, where”s the dog honey?

  36. Hank Fox says: March 14, 20089:04 pm

    When my CarTop Baby Carrier comes out later this year, I’ll make millions!

  37. trigger says: March 14, 20089:05 pm

    Perfect for taking the pooch along with me during those long lonely drives tearing up the autobahn in my veyron… what does a bark sound like at mach 1?

  38. Kalie says: March 14, 20089:07 pm

    Wow, that dogs eyes would get really really dry. and what if it got an itchy ear?

  39. pat says: March 14, 20089:58 pm

    and to think that cocaine and pot was once legal…lol

  40. backyardblogger says: March 14, 200811:01 pm

    I’m glad it’s sewed at the bottom.

  41. michelle says: March 14, 200811:05 pm

    No, I think this Birth By Centrifugal Force Invention is worse.…

  42. addiefleur says: March 15, 20081:18 am

    How is being bound to the side of a car, safe? Is is safe for the baby when it starts crying?

    —stannous (9th comment)
    Right, the car wiil be unscathed, that is was I was thinking, how nice. Besides the hooks being safe for the car, that is the first thing I worry about when my dog has been side swiped by another car, if any of my property has been scratched,

    Aaron B
    “From the makers of the Kawasaki Kitty Kat Flap Motorcycle Pouch.”

  43. anonymous says: March 15, 20081:59 am

    Michael Vick would love this idea.

  44. jay says: March 15, 20083:53 am


  45. Dougle says: March 15, 20085:45 am

    How do you get out when the damn dogs head is held in the way. some major training needed before purchase, better get started now.

  46. Barney Punch says: March 15, 20085:56 am

    Is it just me, or is that dog going to get his head whacked everytime the driver’s door is opened?

  47. Bobthebuilder says: March 15, 20088:04 am

    It all works well untill the driver open his door and behead the dog

  48. addiefleur says: March 15, 20088:06 am

    Well, Barney Punch, good thinking, however, we do know one fact, this company is very interested in protecting the door (not so much the dog) , so maybe the company provides a little padding to protect it. When the door hits the animals head upon being opened, the door won’t accidently be scratched by any of the dogs teeth or smeared with any coincidental blood? See? Don’t be so negative 🙂

  49. Bob says: March 15, 20088:55 am

    Finally! Someone that realizes dogs are ANIMALS, not people. They should not ne treated as people. They don’t like clothes, they lick their butts, have worms and eat their own feces. Quit treating them like they are children! If you insist on owning a dog, it should stay outside and not be allowed in the house, much less the car. No way in hell would I carry a smelly freakin dog around in my leather upholstery.

  50. TB says: March 15, 20089:49 am

    Finally no more dog hair on the seats! Why am I just now seeing this? It’s perfect!

  51. Sam says: March 15, 20089:50 am

    Was this the first rear-seat side airbag?

  52. Gena says: March 15, 200810:49 am

    I think there should be one for the pathetic driver that decides to put his/her dog out in harms way. Oh wait why not just have a dog.

  53. Justanut says: March 15, 200812:10 pm

    Hey, no more door dings!

  54. shirley says: March 15, 200812:17 pm

    this idea is insane.i hope noone ever tries it.

  55. Rube says: March 15, 20081:09 pm

    Seems safer than those who transport their dogs in the back of a pickup truck!

  56. addiefleur says: March 15, 20081:40 pm

    it is not that dogs are or are not like people, duh- it is that they can feel pain as much as we can and maybe should not be subject to being a drivers seat airbag (who called it that-thats funny).

  57. Pettus says: March 15, 20082:55 pm

    I guess you would not need a car alarm?? Unless you have two dogs!! 🙂 And how does one not hit their dogs head?? growl through the window??

  58. Pettus says: March 15, 20082:56 pm

    OOPS (crawl)

  59. Graham says: March 15, 20083:27 pm

    “Grommets Large Canvas Sack”.

    Obviously the driver’s name is Wallace… 🙂

  60. Gena Schmena says: March 15, 20083:59 pm

    Gena, that is stoopid…

  61. Jeremy says: March 15, 20085:20 pm

    PAINLESS TOE REMOVAL! Patrick I am trying to hold back from calling you names. that car was from the 40’s and would have gone well over 20 mph. Cars dating back to the 20’s could sometimes go over 100 mph such as the duesenbergs and cords as well as certain european models. Also there would have been a large number of cars on the roads, although not as many as today. Back then we also didn’t have all of these goofy animal rights people running around. Not saying I am for the mistreatment of animals or anything, being that I am a vegetarian. To the guy that made the PETA acronym joke, that is so tired and worn out. Maybe you shouldn’t keep repeating the same redneck nonsense you read off the bumpersticker from joe bob’s jacked up F250 with the Bush2004 stickers on it. Do I sound bitter?

  62. HateCorpAmerca says: March 15, 20085:39 pm

    Most of you people who are commenting must be idiots. Back in 1936 was the great depression. Cars were made out of real steel and couldn’t go very fast. Talking 40 to 50 mph maximum. Also, not very many cars on the road during this time because half the population could barely feed themselves. Prolly ate dog just to survive

    Word to your motha!!

  63. Click Happy says: March 15, 20085:48 pm

    I have to aggree with HateCorp.
    Come on you all are making way to big of a issue out of a damn add from 1936
    At that time we did not have dumb groups like Peta and I will have to say some of us did pay attention in history class. And as far as peta is concerned I rather pee porkey pine needles out of my weiner then listen to you yahoos talk about a bunch of horse crap that no one gives to shits about. I had friend or family member that was in peta I make sure when I had to pee that I would aim the porkey pine needles at them and put them out of their misory haahhah CLICK HAPPY AT ANGRY TECHS

  64. Not You says: March 15, 20085:48 pm

    Wait…its not safe for a dog to ride outside the car?

  65. puckswa says: March 15, 20085:56 pm

    Do they got something like that for assholes who owe you money ??? Put their face a couple inches from the road and drive over speed bumps at 50 MPH until they pay up … now THAT would be something I would buy. For the dog carrier … who gives a shit !!!

  66. alvin b says: March 16, 20081:10 am

    Did you actually waste time commenting on this?

  67. Hate Corp is wrong says: March 16, 200810:54 am

    HateCorpAmerica has no sense of history.

    BLUEBIRD 36.5L
    7 March 1935, Daytona (USA)
    Driver: Sir Malcolm Campbell

    1 km:
    444.444 km/h (276.165 mph) [8.10 s] World Record
    1 Mile:
    445.322 km/h (276.710 mph) [13.01 s] Total World Record

  68. Swaroop says: March 16, 200811:13 am

    How the hell will the driver open the door from the same side without breaking the dogs head.. ? without oozing through the other side of the door. !..

  69. Hate Corp is NOT wrong says: March 16, 200812:47 pm

    To Hate Corp is wrong:

    I’m curious… how does one acquire a “sense of history”? Is that something you’re born with? Is it a sense that’s developed during infancy? Can a newborn baby access his mother’s data storage, via her breasts, and suckle historical facts from her? Or perhaps this “sense of history” you refer to is measured by one’s ability to copy-and-paste data from Wikipedia’s “land speed record” page? Furthermore, what exactly are you suggesting… that the average car in the 1930’s was powered by a 2300 hp, 36.5liter, supercharged Rolls-Royce V12 engine? Or maybe your point is that it is inhumane to transport one’s canine companion in this device, whilst traversing the Bonneville Salt Flats at record-breaking speeds? I have just one last question: Were you formula-fed or is your mother an idiot?

  70. frank says: March 16, 200812:47 pm

    This would be great for wives when they start giving you driving advice when your driving.
    you would have to make the bag taller though

  71. Steve says: March 16, 20087:32 pm

    I bet that dogs (not realizing the danger) would actually have fun in this thing…

  72. Preston says: March 16, 20088:22 pm

    Why not let them ride in the car besides going to all of this effort. I mean, by the time you get your dog set up and in it, you’d be already halfway to where you’re going if you’d just let em’ ride in the car. I see that it could come in use for pain in the butt kids! This is hilariously DUMB! LOL.

  73. jay says: March 16, 20089:00 pm

    they say now that its not good for your dog to hang there head out the window much air up there nose is not good for them.. but back in the day when flees and skunks ruled the world..this would have bee the cats meeyow.. ya got to bring your best buddy with ya.. no mater how bad he stinks, hunting without your dog aint as much fun

  74. arjen says: March 16, 200811:29 pm

    i always loved doggy bags

  75. GC says: March 18, 20084:21 am

    LOL, i wonder what would happen to my parents dog (yorkshire) the moment a fly or bug hits it 😀

  76. MH says: March 18, 200810:37 am

    This is wicked!!! Now if only they can adapt this for the plane for the (cute) crying kids on the trans-oceanic flights 😉

  77. Gaurav says: March 18, 200811:40 am

    Well, I dont seem to get why people are so critical of this idea!
    Isn’t it worth a try?

    Obviously dog safety and comfort can be looked into a little more deeply.

  78. Kristian says: March 20, 200811:43 am

    The morale with this is; “never get a dog”.

  79. Patrick says: March 21, 20087:00 am

    I think you could be sued by those animal organizations if you do this nowadays.

  80. Donna Sams says: March 22, 20088:51 am

    The person that invented the sack…should ride in it for all eternity…Donna Sams

  81. Sam says: March 22, 200810:48 am

    To “addiefleur”:

    I said the joke about the side air bag, but just want everyone to know I love dogs; was just being funny.

  82. hubbadog says: March 22, 20084:48 pm

    *Car gets broadsided*
    “Is everyone okay? Anyone hurt??”
    “No honey i think everyone is fine, thank god.”
    “Okay that is good to hear……SHIT what about the dog?!”

  83. Brock says: March 26, 200811:11 pm

    So many people are concerned about the dogs safety in case of accident….but have you ever seen a dog bounced around like a pinball INSIDE the car. I think a dog actually stands a better chance of survival in the bag than in the cab. Oh, and in regards to the door taking their head off….have you ever seen a turtle pull the head into the shell? Why can’t a dog do the same? Are people so unaware of the ability of training dogs? I personally like my cat seat that is positioned between the duel rear tires. Thump thump….etc.

  84. Dert says: March 31, 20083:34 am

    I think this Birth By Centrifugal Force Invention is worse.

  85. mike culhane says: April 7, 20086:36 pm

    The speed limits were WAAY lower back then, it wouldn’t of been a horrible thing
    you dumb prats!
    this might have worked, but just completely impractical

  86. Mary Poppin' Caps says: April 9, 200810:15 am

    Sometimes, while my wife is sleeping, I scratch my anus and stick my finger in her mouth.

  87. Shuiichiro says: April 14, 200812:24 am

    Hahahaha, your dog’s a HOT dog when you use that. Hahahaha

  88. Mthunzi says: April 18, 200810:43 am

    Ya the invention was kinder nice but that was the 30’s today that is day lite murder of adog

  89. JDk1981 says: July 14, 20082:33 am


  90. DayOff says: July 31, 200810:46 am

    I think it’s alot to do about nothing. Just a bad idea. Sorry, I like dogs, they don’t get thier
    tails in a knot when the wind changes.

  91. DayOff says: July 31, 200810:50 am

    P.S. My dog rides inside with me.

  92. Shontopapa says: September 9, 20084:16 am

    I wonder if they’ve got a version for horses..

  93. Tom says: September 13, 20084:16 pm

    When the dog gets squished, the interment will be expedited by simply
    unclamping and burying dog, bag and all. Also, save the c clamps for your

  94. Dascoyne says: November 18, 20086:24 pm

    Multiple comments:

    Suddenly brake at a stop light and poochie goes flying into the intersection at 30mph.

    Hit a bump and your dog is upside down in the sack.

    It rains and you have instant wet-dog.

    In bad traffic poor Rover is marinating in exhaust fumes.

    I’d like to see a Chihuahua-sized bindle to stick out 3 feet from the side of the car.

  95. Myles says: December 30, 200812:20 pm

    Although I do not want to feed the childish trolls, these ? are annoying as they bleed into the articles.

  96. sad dog owner says: March 18, 20092:15 pm

    We had one, sadly, this did not seem to work as well as we hoped. Sorry Rex.. didn’t realize the top latches fell off… We miss you… Little Sally still cries over you everyday. We would have taken you to a taxidermist, but there just wasn’t enough left of you.. bye rex..


  97. Barbalicious says: March 18, 20093:49 pm

    Mitt Romney would approve – the jackass!!!

  98. SPFY says: March 18, 20094:37 pm

    Just think….that would have saved the Aunt’s dog if Chevy Chase has that in “Summer Vacation”!
    So the cop won’t pull him over…unless Chevy Chase had gotten into a interesting
    T-bone accident then he’ll have alot of explaining to do…

  99. USEITFORPOLITICIANS says: March 18, 20096:15 pm

    This would be a great idea to use on very very high ranking politicians and AIG thieves just prior to hearing their testimonies…”Hey Mr. AIG, how fast we go depends on how much you talk and how much money you slip back into the ole sedan.”

  100. Diana says: March 18, 20096:23 pm

    Things were slower and simple back then. Less auto traffic on the road etc. Lets say a cowboy attached a device like this to his vehicle, ( a horse) I dont think there would be as much flack. In this instance, a mechanical piece of transportation is being used at a slightly increased speed, (still slow), so I see nothing wrong here. Now if you stick this on the side of your SUV in this day and age, then I would say you are a warped individual. But back then, times were different. NUTS!

  101. Halett says: March 18, 20097:06 pm

    I imagining opening the driver’s door would be problematic for the dog… Let’s hope the dog knows how to tuck his head and avoid that.

  102. Donnie says: March 18, 200910:18 pm

    I wonder if they make one that will hold both of my dogs. They do better when they are riding together. Also I wonder what the cost is and would it work on a Corvette.

  103. ROFL says: March 18, 200911:36 pm

    Hmmmm, wonder if the White House has this yet for the new presidential pooch? Heaven forbid they should get doggie hair in the limo. Ops, did I say Heaven? Is that still legal?

  104. j_m_h says: March 19, 200912:33 pm

    it would stop our German Shepherd puppy from chewing the back seat of our car! not so sure that I would get one though lol

  105. Lunardo says: April 1, 20094:03 pm

    This ad is the reason why PETA was created. The only living lifeform that could have been please when the designs were made for this product had to be—-cats!

  106. Bubba Bean says: April 7, 20099:46 pm

    I would need to get another St. Benard so I could have even weight by placing one on each side of my SUV that does have running boards!

    Could get 4 on a Expedition or Suburban! Sweet! Does Calbellas carry these?

    Would be great to dry off the dogs after a good swim too! (could also use to seperate the kids on long road trips)

  107. asdsf says: August 5, 20094:24 pm

    My dog would love that.

  108. Jousts! says: August 5, 20094:29 pm

    Get two of them (on different cars) and have jousting dog fights!

  109. Dave says: January 1, 201012:53 pm

    The trick is to get the dog in the sack in the first place. That’s why it’s only a drawing.

  110. Dave says: January 1, 201012:55 pm

    Oh, and Rover can keep those pesky pan-handlers away from you at stop lights. Dam Bums

  111. Scott says: January 28, 20101:26 pm

    Thank goodness the “buy on Ebay” button is for the magazine and not the dog bag. I really thought I was going to find on Ebay.

  112. Pa says: March 11, 20103:23 am

    Where’s one for the wife!!!!!

  113. SM says: March 11, 20109:05 am


  114. DutchThunder says: March 11, 20109:39 am

    It is ‘hare-brained,’ duh…

  115. Lead Guitarist says: March 11, 20104:05 pm

    Boy, the words “safe” and “comfortable” had different definitions in 1936, didn’t they?

  116. Chance says: March 11, 20107:00 pm

    Well… the dog can’t actually get out… So aside from some breathing problems.. this isn’t THAT bad…

  117. Omega says: March 12, 20106:08 am

    Ah, good. Sewed, not folded.

    Put it in a bag and tie to to your car, that’s what I always say.

  118. Paul says: March 12, 201012:43 pm

    Is this a different type of air bag for side impact

  119. Don says: March 12, 20101:27 pm

    Not air bag . . .

    HAIR bag.

  120. Donnie says: March 15, 20102:49 pm

    I made one and tried it out. I really don’t want to go into details, but it didn’t work. It didn’t work at all.

  121. Donnie says: March 15, 20102:56 pm

    Does anyone know where I can get a black lab, before my wife gets home?

  122. Leo says: May 13, 20109:42 am

    cant see any reason why it wouldnt work tbh

  123. David says: August 25, 20107:08 am

    ……….. well atleast there is no hair in the car…

  124. Sunny says: August 28, 201012:10 am

    It’s Too Bad……. Dog will be get Scared.

  125. Dog Dresses says: September 29, 20102:58 am

    I really like it and i’m 100% sure my pet would love it…

  126. Donnie says: September 30, 20103:51 pm

    Now I know where I went wrong. I forgot item # 40 above. I didn’t sew the bottom, I used a zipper.

  127. Dogs for the Eating of Tasty Nut Sacks says: December 5, 20101:58 am

    “There seems to be no way of opening or closing the driver-side front door without decapitating the dog.”
    buy a car with suicide doors

  128. "and another thing..." says: December 5, 20102:14 am

    “ride on the running board. That’s why it’s called a running board”
    if it was called a running board, why were you riding on it? or, if you rode on it, why wasn’t it called a riding board?
    just another detail they didn’t have quite right in the good old black and white days.

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