Poor dog. Do vets still do this?

Toning down the barking of noisy dogs is the reported accomplishment of an Atlanta, Ga., veterinarian, who has performed the feat upon the pets of a number of apartment dwellers. In the simple, painless operation that he has devised, a dog’s vocal cord is relieved of a small V-shaped wedge on either side. No danger to the animal is involved, it is said, and the only after effect is that an ear-splitting bark is muffled to a dulcet tone that can cause no complaints from neighbors. In the photo at left, a pet is under treatment.

  1. Ric says: August 29, 20076:51 am

    Yes. It’s call “debarking.” Less than scrupulous puppy mill breeders just use a length of re-bar. If the dog survives, then it won’t bark anymore. 🙁

  2. Jim Dunn says: August 29, 200711:23 am

    “Painless” my foot. Wonder how that vet would feel if somebody grabbed him, forced open his mouth, stuck a knife down his throat and started snipping.

  3. Thundercat says: August 29, 200712:53 pm

    Cruel perhaps, but like de-clawing a cat sometimes it is the last step before having to give up the animal altogether.

    No, I haven’t debarked my dogs, but they do have to wear a shock collar EVERY night to keep them quiet. Nothing else works to keep them quiet to everyone around can sleep.

  4. Erika says: August 30, 20075:33 am

    yup. it’s still done. I’ve only ever met a debarked dog once (in 5 years) and then it was most certainly a last step that kept a very well loved animal from being surrendered, and not a decision that was taken lightly.

  5. Heidi says: December 7, 20079:35 am

    Its so sad.. I could never do this to one of my dogs!! But sadly it still happens today.

  6. dascoyne says: April 21, 20082:36 pm

    I adopted a wonderful border collie who I found had been debarked. Breaks my heart when I think of him losing his voice the way he did.

  7. Karin says: January 5, 20098:55 pm

    I rescued a 7 year old Golden Retreiver from a breeder who had about 50+ dogs on her
    “ranch”. She has a horse cough-like bark. It seems that she had her vocal cords cut. I wish I could report this, but it is not a crime to do so.

    I was told that she only had 2 litters but from, the looks of her body, she had many more litters than that. She is safe now, but I am sad that she can’t bark with her full voice like my other dogs can.

  8. lunatic says: February 23, 20118:55 pm

    my neighbor had a dog like sounded like someone was cutting’s his throat everytime he barked

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