Don’t left Winter catch you unprepared (Nov, 1936)

Don’t left Winter catch you unprepared


Retail price… 35c per quart

  1. Hirudinea says: July 29, 20118:36 am

    “Cover up them nipples, we’re trying to sell oil in 1936 here!”

  2. Michael, N5RLR says: July 29, 20118:43 am

    Let me get my overcoat for the little lady… 🙂

  3. Charlene says: July 29, 20119:17 am

    The model bears a strong resemblance to my mother, ca. 1951.

  4. Toronto says: July 29, 201110:50 am

    Charlene: I hope she dressed warmer then, or that you lived in the south.

    It’s amazing how many scantily clad women have been used to sell automotive products over the years, isn’t it?

  5. Charlene says: July 29, 201111:46 am

    @Toronto: my mother was from Edmonton, and she usually dressed warmer – unless there were boys about, if the photos she left behind are any evidence.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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