Dr. Ward’s Crystal Undulator (Mar, 1922)

Reduce Flesh, Do Your Own Massage
Dr. Ward’s Crystal Undulator

reduces fat deposits and gives a perfect figure from neck to ankles.

Specially adapted for deep abdominal massage, removing fat, correcting indigestion, constipation and sluggish liver.
Made to conform to the anatomical irregularities of the spine, the Undulator is the rational scientific instrument for treatment of neuritis, insomnia, nervous exhaustion, lumbago, sciatica, etc. Massage with the Undulator brings immediate relief to tired muscles, fatigue, stiffness and nerve irritation. Its adaptability for use over clothing is possessed by no other instrument—not even the hand.

The Undulator brings the chiropractor, the osteopath and the masseur to your home or office. Sent prepaid for five dollars subject to ten days’ trail.
545 West 111th Street New York

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  1. Tim says: March 25, 20093:50 am

    I thought we had a lot of quack regimens out there today. Well, we still do, but it was even worse back then!

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