Drive Movie Bus from Crow’s Nest (Jun, 1935)

Drive Movie Bus from Crow’s Nest
UNIQUE in design is the multiple-wheeler shown below, which was designed for a film now being made at the Paramount studios. The 36-passenger vehicle is operated by a driver who sits in a glass-enclosed crow’s nest jutting out from the 15-foot roof. The road liner has an oddly-shaped tail fin which extends high over the rear observation platform. The bus has four rear wheels and a circular vent in front in order to cool the radiator.

  1. Firebrand38 says: March 5, 20084:16 am

    For some odd reason they don’t list it here, but the name of the movie was Stolen Harmony with George Raft…

    See a clip here at…

  2. Neil Russell says: March 5, 20087:54 am

    That answers my question! Thanks FB

  3. jayessell says: March 5, 20088:33 am

    It looks like one of the “Closer Than You Think” vehicles from Paleo Future.
    At least the driver is motivated to watch out for overpasses!
    What? No bowling alley?

  4. Ed T. says: March 5, 20089:24 am

    Simply stunning design. Very reminiscent of the Futurliner but with 900% more rarity.

    Sadly this artifact has most likely been sent to the crusher decades ago, but I certainly hope that somewhere, in some forgotten corner of some L.A. area junkyard, some out-of-work auto restorer / movie historian comes across the hulking shape of a somewhat familiar bus…

  5. KHarn says: March 9, 20088:16 am

    Damn. I mean, just DAMN!

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