Driving Mittens Glow To Aid Hand Signals (Apr, 1941)

Not *quite* as awesome as kitten mittens.

Driving Mittens Glow To Aid Hand Signals

Driving mittens with their backs chemically treated to glow in the dark have been introduced for motorists. Besides being useful for giving hand signals to following drivers, the mittens provide enough light to show up the keyhole in a car or garage door. Exposed to a strong light momentarily, they are said to show the ground for several yards around, and still give off light after two or three hours. They are available in several sizes.

  1. Hirudinea says: August 4, 20115:00 pm

    A mitten!? What about the most important hand signal while driving?

  2. Zha Zhaaa says: August 4, 20116:34 pm

    Being 1941, probably Radium.

  3. Rick s. says: August 6, 20118:23 am

    I recall my dad buying a set of turn signals and installing them on his car. It took a whole weekend to install them and they looked pretty cheesy sticking up on all the fenders. They were just becoming available as after market items for older cars and were options on new ones but for the first few years drivers by state law still had to use hand signals at the same time that they were using the turn signals. I suppose that law was necessary until people got used to them.


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