Dual Controls on Car Aid Students (Aug, 1930)

Dual Controls on Car Aid Students

A DUAL control car in which a motorist student may learn to drive far from the maddening crowd is a feature of the service extended to its customers by a prominent San Francisco automobile company. The car shown below is equipped with two steering wheels, one for the student and one for the teacher, and two clutch and two brake pedals. The teaching ground is the large roof of the company’s building.

  1. Gasbow says: December 20, 20075:42 am

    i recon this belongs into origin category because at least in europe cars for driving lessons are compulsary to be built like this

  2. Githyanki says: December 20, 20076:00 am

    I don’t know if its mandatory here in USA, but it is very common.

  3. Bob says: December 20, 20076:03 am

    driving lessons on the roof!

  4. Orv says: December 20, 20077:20 pm

    The car I was trained in (in the U.S.) had a second brake pedal for the instructor, but no other dual controls.

  5. Adrian says: December 21, 20072:01 am

    Dual controls are not a requirement for learner cars in the UK.
    Where they are used though, it is just the pedals (not all?) that are duplicated.

  6. nlpnt says: December 21, 20076:06 pm

    I’ve only ever actually seen the second brake pedal. I’d assume all three pedals would have to be duplicated in a manual transmission car.
    In the US you have to sometimes go out of your way to learn that…

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