Dynamite Blast Gives Niagara Falls Latest “Face Lifting” (Sep, 1935)

Dynamite Blast Gives Niagara Falls Latest “Face Lifting”

THE gradual disintegration of the rock beneath Niagara Falls during the past year has resulted in numerous changes in the cliff over which the Niagara River plunges. Huge rock slides have crashed into the gorge below, radically altering the appearance of the falls, long the mecca of honeymooning couples.

Fortunately, most of the rock slides have occurred at night, endangering no one. However, to prevent possible danger during future crashes, engineers have surveyed the cliff carefully for signs of weakness, and where ever such spots are found, dynamite blasts anticipate the work of the river. Recently a dangerous lip overhanging Horseshoe Falls was blasted away in this manner.

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