DYSKINESIA – Constipation – What To Do About It (Feb, 1931)

I know this was way before WWII, but what exactly does constipation have to do with a swastika?

Constipation – What To Do About It

IF MISERY loves company, the person who has Dyskinesia [dis’ kin’ees’ia] may be interested in learning from his family doctor that at least one in every three of his adult patients suffers from the same ail’ ment. But he can take a good deal more comfort in knowing that Dyskinesia not only can be prevented but it can be cured—without resort to drugs.

Continued dependence on laxatives and cathartics, taken to relieve Dyskinesia, may be dangerous. They may bring temporary relief while causing great damage as time goes on.

Doctors attribute many serious troubles to Dyskinesia—colds, sick headaches, indigestion, dyspepsia,

chronic inflammation of the intestines, in addition to “below-par-ness” in general. They also suspect it is responsible for certain disturbances of the gallbladder, or of the kidneys, and for other disease conditions frequently associated with old age.

Just as improper diet, incorrect health habits, lack of needed exercise, rest and fresh air will cause Dyskinesia, proper diet, correct health habits and exercise will cure it, even when chronic.

Take no medicine for it unless advised by your doctor. Send coupon for the booklet, “Dyskinesia”, which describes diet, living habits and exercise necessary to overcome constipation. Mailed free upon request.

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

Frederick H. Ecker, President One Madison Ave., New York, N. Y.

  1. quadibloc says: April 10, 201212:51 pm

    Well, ‘way before World War II, the swastika was just a decorative motif that one might use on the title page of a book… like an acorn, or a wavy line, or a Maltese cross, or a diamond…

  2. Hirudinea says: April 10, 20124:18 pm

    “I know this was way before WWII, but what exactly does constipation have to do with a swastika?” Easy, the Nazi’s were always full of ****!

  3. quadibloc says: April 10, 20127:36 pm

    Way before World War II, the swastika was just another decorative printing ornament, like an acorn or a wavy line, that could be used to adorn the front cover of a book.

  4. cr0sh says: April 10, 201210:41 pm

    I submit that it may have something to do with Ayurvedic medicine…

  5. Toronto says: April 11, 201212:32 pm

    It would be interesting if Met Life had done a sudden switch over from a swastika to Snoopy.

    BTW, there’s a town in Ontario – near Kirkland Lake – named Swastika. The government tried to change it during WWII but the townsfolk kept changing it back. They had it first, after all.

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