EAR NOISES? (Feb, 1948)

The ELMO Co? Do they tickle the noise away?

If you suffer from those miserable ear noises and are Hard of Hearing due to catarrh of the head, write us NOW for proof of the good results our simple home treatment has accomplished for a great many people. NOTHING TO WEAR. Many past 70 report ear noises gone and hearing fine. Send NOW for proof and 30 days trial offer.
THE ELMO CO., Dept 1243, Davenport, Iowa

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  1. jane says: October 19, 200711:22 am

    i ust came across this website and was wondering what it you have to offer,im suffering the past 5 months with catarrh in the my ears and have terrible earnoise in both ears due to this which is driving me insane.can you offer any help please?

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