Early Cluster Bomb: Molotov’s Bread Basket (Jul, 1940)

Big Russian Bomb Holds Sixty Little Ones

Whirling down from the sky, a gigantic aerial bomb employed by Russian aircraft breaks open before it strikes the ground, to release and spread a deadly cargo of small incendiary bombs over a wide area. Nicknamed “Molotov’s bread basket,” after Viacheslav M. Molotov, Russian Commissar for Foreign Affairs, the mammoth bomb is seven and a half feet long and over two feet in diameter. Vanes at its tail cause it to whirl when released from the rack of a bombing plane. This action ultimately opens the steel sides, allowing sixty small incendiary bombs within it to hurtle outward in all directions and plummet earthward to set fire to any inflammable object on the ground within a broad circle. First used in actual warfare against Finland, the bomb was employed to set fire to towns whose houses were constructed of wood.

  1. repsac says: October 19, 20079:40 am

    Hmm, the first cluster bombs. Interesting.

  2. NikFromNYC says: January 12, 20083:28 pm

    They didn’t *patent* it in US court? Oh, that wouldn’t help, and explains why some of these oddly unheard of military breakthroughs are thought by readers today to have bombed. But instead, they were CLASSIFIED out of existence, and used in various wars!

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  4. Kizor says: March 1, 20099:56 am

    Random historical note: “Molotov’s bread basket” is a Finnish nickname invented after the man went and claimed that Soviet bombing runs were actually drops of food aid.

    Finns went on to name their mass-produced incendiaries “Molotov cocktails” as a drink to go with the food.

  5. A little arson, a little history says: December 30, 20091:28 am

    […] Molotov claimed that Soviet planes were not dropping bombs, but food for starving Finns. The bombs, RRAB-3s, were then derisively nicknamed “Molotov bread baskets” by the Finns. The cocktail, […]

  6. jimbo price says: October 25, 20104:26 pm

    I can think of a better name for it… well actually i cant, but it looks like a massive dick that fires out its deadly load out over all of the people underneath it.

  7. Jarmo Häkli says: November 12, 201010:33 pm

    These cluster bombs were first used to in Viipuri(russian Vyborg)-2nd largest city of Finland in the Winter War.

    When bombing Helsinki russians used bombs containing vaseline(tangy) and white phosphorus(burns even soaked)with small amount steel-wool(keeping ingredients together increasing burning effect).Russian butter-original recipy.

    My father told this maybe 1968 or 1969.He was born in Helsinki 1923-fought 1940-44 as a commando 1.5 years behind lines and 2.5 in frontine in Syväri (russian Sver)that is river near Leningrad/St.Petersburg.

    Bread baskets first then iron-bread with butter but to be polite cocktails also were served for our uninvited guests.These made first attacking tanks baking owens.Well done beef .Some stock were also frozen in Salla,Kollaa,Suomusalmi,Raate.

    No hard feelings.Bad boys-Rasputin-Lenin-Stalin-Skrjabin(=Molotov-“small hammer”)-Jeltsin-Putin-who next ?

    “Bad boys-bad boys-What You gonna do when the bad boys are gonna come for You”

    Just belive nice promises like Neville The Naive or jus watch like Sir Winston ?

    When the russians start us up we never stop-they took and will take the First Blood

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