Early Drum Machine (Jun, 1960)

What the heck is a flooglehorn?

You Play it Sweet, Side Man Gives the Beat
SOME oscillating tubes, housed in a cabinet sitting next to your piano, guitar or flooglehorn, can turn you into a one-man orchestra.

The cabinet, actually a new electronic instrument called Side Man, produces a variety of instrumental sounds—from bass drum, torn torn and wood block to maracas, brush and cymbal.

The instrument will play in such rhythms as a waltz, cha cha, beguine, tango, march, rumba or 72 variations of a fox trot. Any of the rhythms can be varied from a slow 30 to a fast 195 beats per minute. Side Man (named after the members of a band who accompany the soloist) plugs into any a-c outlet, has three speakers and an 11-watt amplifier. Cost of the unit in a mahogany cabinet is $395. Manufacturer is the Wurlitzer Co., De Kalb, Ill.

  1. relaxing says: May 30, 20075:29 am

    Actually, the Wurli Sideman is generally referred to as the first drum machine.

  2. Kryten007 says: May 30, 20079:36 am

    I think they played flooglehorns in Fraggle Rock…

  3. Jim Dunn says: May 30, 200711:54 am

    You know, a flooglehorn is what Chuck Mangioone plays.

  4. Charlie says: May 30, 200712:11 pm

    Holy crap, you’re right. I’ll have to pick one up next time I’m at Mega Lo Mart.

  5. Caya says: May 30, 20072:35 pm

    Arrrrggg, now I’m going to have to google “Flooglehorn”. I’ve got some sort of recollection of hearing it, and now I can’t rest until I know what it is. THANKS A LOT!!!!!!

  6. Caya says: May 30, 20072:42 pm


    Etymology: German, from Flügel wing, flank + Horn horn; from its use to signal the flanking drivers in a battue
    : a valved brass instrument resembling a cornet but having a larger bore

  7. Jim Dunn says: May 30, 20074:24 pm

    Chuck is pretty cool, and talented, I’ll tell you what. One of the first concerts I ever went to was to see him in Dothan, AL several geologic epochs ago. I still remember that his sax player, Chris Vadala, could wail.

  8. Blurgle says: May 30, 20076:20 pm

    My sole memory of Chuck Mangione is his playing O Canada at a World Series game held in the US. They had a 3651987-piece band and choir for the Star Spangled Banner, of course, but they just stuck Chuck out in front of the mic and had him play O Canada, almost as an afterthought.

    He messed it up, too. Not as bad as the guy who sung O Canada to the music of O Tannenbaum, but really: could it be possible to be a little less dismissive of an entire country?

  9. Charlie says: May 30, 20076:26 pm

    Given our current President it’s a miracle he regards Canada as a sovereign nation and not just a U.S. territory. After all it is in North America, right? Wouldn’t call it North America if it wasn’t part of ‘merica.

  10. Blurgle says: May 31, 20072:03 am

    Actually this was back in 1993, I believe. Maybe 1992.

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