Early Modern Corkscrew (May, 1939)

Corkscrew Puts Leverage on Stubborn Stoppers

Even the most stubborn cork is said to be tamed by the powerful leverage of a new corkscrew. Inserting the screw in the cork, by turning a winged key, raises a pair of geared arms to a horizontal position. Push the arms down again, and out comes the cork, under pressure applied through a flange that fits over the neck of the bottle. The two operations are shown in the pictures below.

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  1. fluffy says: January 3, 20077:12 pm

    Cool to see where this came from, although the classic waiter-style corkscrew is still far superior when it comes to removing a cork without it falling apart. I especially like Swing-A-Way’s ($6 at Target). They’re a little harder to learn how to operate but well worth it (watch a few episodes of Jacques Pepin on PBS if you need to learn how).

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