Easter-Egg Zoo (Apr, 1947)

Easter-Egg Zoo

BERTHE MARCHAND used her ingenuity. Needing something original for the Easter table—something for the children to admire—she hit on the idea of making an entire zoo of animals, using colored Easter eggs and other odd bits of material easily obtained for a few cents at any stationer’s.

Why don’t you do the same? It just takes patience, nimble fingers, and extreme care in handling the eggs— which can be dropped only once.
(Maybe you’d better boil them.)

  1. Chris Radcliff says: April 14, 200910:57 pm

    These were in Mechanix Illustrated because…?

    I mean, come on. The author didn’t even know that a “ball-with-a-hole” is called a *bead*. Not exactly Better Homes & Gardens here.

  2. fred says: April 15, 20091:54 pm

    is it me ? ..or does the kangaroo egg have a chubby?

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