Electric Chicken Plucker (Jul, 1946)

Electric Chicken Plucker
Lay a scalded chicken or turkey against the whirling 4-1/2-inch rubber fingers of this electric machine, and in a jiffy the bird will be stripped of feathers. Half a minute per chicken is average. Machine is made by Mercury Company, Los Angeles, Calif.

  1. […] Posted by TopDun It’s a drum rotateing thing with rubber fingers on it. Looks kind of like this. http://blog.modernmecha……icken-plucker/ http://www.schweissweld……n_pluckers.php I got one really cheap off of E-bay but you […]

  2. senzo nsibande says: July 12, 20083:23 am

    At how much do you sell your chicken plucker?

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