Electric Glove for Police Stuns Victims With 1,500 Volts (Sep, 1935)

Electric Glove for Police Stuns Victims With 1,500 Volts

MORE punch than can be found in a box-glove is contained in a new electric glove invented by Cirilo Diaz of Cuba for use by police while handling rough characters or in quelling riots. Persons contacted by an officer wearing the glove receive a 1,500-volt shock, sufficient to remove all traces of fight. A half-pound battery worn on the belt supplies the power, all wiring being concealed beneath the coat.

Police officials in New York where the device was first demonstrated, were favorably impressed by its effectiveness.

  1. smirenger says: January 26, 20085:48 am
  2. Neil Russell says: January 26, 20089:15 am

    Don’t touch me bro’!!!!

  3. Firebrand38 says: January 26, 20081:34 pm

    Gee, I didn’t see that one coming!

  4. Khu says: January 26, 20082:41 pm

    What if he puts his hands on his hips…?

  5. Brandon says: January 26, 20083:05 pm

    No utilice el taser en mí bro

  6. Skizmo says: January 26, 20083:08 pm

    Where’s the rest of the article ?? . .and why did you remove it ?

  7. steve wang says: January 26, 20083:34 pm

    imagine if he scratches his balls , what happens then, I found an even funnier comment here, http://www.opentopix.co…

  8. rakesh says: January 26, 20087:59 pm

    it is highly dangerous !!!!!

  9. joe says: January 27, 200812:47 pm

    They were looking for something to protect the officers then and they still do today.

    We Got Security

  10. Apprentice_Wizard says: January 28, 200812:55 pm

    Call me cynical, but the picture looks altered. Could we get a source / citation? Looks like it came out of a newspaper, so should be easy enough to verify if we can get a paper, as we have an approximate date.

  11. Charlie says: January 28, 200812:57 pm

    The source is stated above, it’s the September 1935 issue of Modern Mechanix. The image is altered. In the actual scan there was another article that began below that one. I removed it because it looks ugly to have one paragraph of an unrelated story in the image.

  12. Robert Traina says: February 4, 200812:30 pm

    A glove of this type was used to subdue a California prisoner in Tom Wolfe’s recent novel, “A Man in Full”.

  13. KA Turner says: March 16, 20089:18 pm

    I wonder why the glove didn’t take off until the arrival of the Taser (a non-glove but the concept was the same)? Was it fear of electrocuting people? Or was it the cost of the glove, the war, and subsequent usage of tear gas sprays?

  14. Yossarian says: April 5, 20087:22 pm

    Itchy balls could be a problem

  15. Benzene says: April 6, 20081:48 am

    Tasers have a much longer ranger than the glove. The wire on the glove doesn’t even look long enough to allow him to extend his arm fully. If you’re trying to disable someone who has a gun with an electric shock, you probably don’t want to get close enough to touch them.

    As far as various itches go, there was probably a mandatory safety briefing on using your right hand to scratch.

  16. Mergan says: July 29, 20084:00 am

    How do i make this stun glove, the area i live in is full of peeps who like killin peeps

  17. Zufairy says: December 12, 20109:56 am

    I think I’l create one but my want is using metal so that the electricity can travel with just a zap.

  18. MaskedMinuteman says: April 12, 20112:26 am

    What happens if he needs to go to the bathroom and forgets that he’s wearing the glove? It would really hurt, even worse than urinating on an electric fence

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