Get a point on your pencils the easy way—-by motorizing your sharpener.

WHY not add an electric motor to your hand driven pencil sharpener in your home or office and make the chore of putting a point on your pencils a real pleasure? The arrangement outlined in this article does not call for mutilating or altering your present sharpener; merely remove the handle and proceed to mount the unit in the manner shown below. In converting your sharpener, choosing the correct motor is very important. Your motor should be quite powerful, of at least one-sixteenth horse power and oper- ate in the neighborhood of 1150 r.p.m.

For transmitting the power a worm gear unit, having a ratio of approximately twelve to one, is used. These gears can be purchased from any gear company at the cost of only a fraction of a dollar. Mount the 1 in. diameter worm wheel to the sharpener shaft by first turning an adapter, one end of which is pressed into the wheel and the other screwed directly on the sharpener shaft. A cotter pin through the worm wheel hub and a set screw through tapped end of the adapter will insure the gear from slipping when the sharpener is in operation.

Next obtain a wooden base of the general dimensions shown and mount the sharpener in place. Block motor so worm meshes with wheel.

  1. mikeB says: February 6, 20128:44 am

    A switch might be a useful addition…

  2. slim says: February 6, 201210:04 am

    Do you suppose somebody saw this article and thought, “Hey, I could sell something like that”?

  3. Kosher Ham says: February 6, 201212:48 pm

    I wonder if a belt and pulley system would work in lieu of worm gear drive.

  4. Hirudinea says: February 6, 20124:14 pm

    How do I sharpen my pencils if the power goes out? 😮

  5. Terry says: February 6, 201210:55 pm

    Anyone still even have pencils to sharpen? Do they still make them?

  6. George says: February 7, 20127:12 am

    That looks like the motor from a 1940-1950’s era Erector set, so a worm gear drive was logical as the gears were part of the set. The other side of the motor also had a worm gear shaft which powered a reversible gear train which came attached.

  7. mikeB says: February 7, 20128:13 am

    I thought that motor looked familiar. I got a finger caught in the gear train once. Had pretty good stall torque as I recall.

  8. Mike says: February 12, 201211:49 am

    I never realized that sharpening a pencil was such a huge chore. People are lazy.

  9. Nomen Nescio says: February 12, 20122:16 pm

    the last time i needed to sharpen a pencil, i just clicked the button at the far end of it twice.

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